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Cooler Master GeminII S Review

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The Cooler Master GeminII S Cooler is not only a great solution for someone using a smaller case or has other size restrictions, it also has a wide range of additional uses such as cooling other parts of your system like the RAM or North Bridge. The size to performance ratio of this cooler also makes it a great value, as it is quite small but packs a ton of features such as an pure copper base and 5 pure copper heatpipes running through the large array of aluminum fins located under a large yet quiet 120mm fan. The GeminII S does not stand quite a high as the TRUE nor the V8, however the temperatures the GeminII S was able to yield were very close within a few degrees of them. The price of the cooler coming in under $40 also makes this cooler a must have for anyone looking to upgrade their cooling systems for their processor if they are overclocking or are just worried about the temperatures of their system components. The Multi platform design adds even more value to the cooler as you can get it for your LGA 775 chip then move it over to your AM2+ system if you switch system configurations. The 120mm fan located atop the cooler uses PWM features so that it can use less power when you are not under a full load, but will adjust its speed when it needs to. I am torn about the mounting hardware used for the GeminII S cooler, it is a great idea as it keeps your cooler on your motherboard and it is not going to go anywhere, but you do have to remove the entire motherboard to be able to install it, which can become a pain if you are someone like me who changes their system all the time.

Overall, if you are looking for a nice way to cool your processor and you are looking for a low profile cooler, the GeminII S is the perfect choice for you. You don't even have to want a low profile cooler to get this one, it was able to cool my Q9450 within a few degrees of the TRUE and costs less! What more could you want from a CPU cooler?



  • Performance
  • Size
  • Price
  • 120mm Fan (PWM)
  • Mounting Hardware (sturdy)
  • 5 Heat pipes
  • Multi platform Design



  • Mounting hardware


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