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Cooler Master Elite 310 Review

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Closer Look:


The case features a Plexiglas side panel with a cutout for an optional 120mm fan, and additional screw holes for a 92mm fan, as well as an 80mm fan. The front is accented with an attractive blue border with a high gloss, pearlescent paint and is vented with metal mesh. The front I/O panel for the Elite 310 is found at the very bottom. The standard ports are included; two USB ports, headphone and microphone, as well as a cutout for an optional Firewire port.



















The front panel comes off easily by pinching the inside tabs one at a time and pulling the bezel off further and further each time. I was able to remove the front bezel by only popping out the tabs on one side without having to touch the others. Once a few were popped, the front rotates out of the way and tabs on the other side pull out easily.



So far, the case looks good. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, has an attractive look, and the textured paint has a nice finish that completely eliminates fingerprint marks. The case doesn't have the cheap look that some budget cases do, and a few of my roommates commented on how good it looks. The case is supported by four hard plastic feet. The hard plastic doesn't offer a lot of friction for hard surfaces as opposed to rubber, but if it is sitting on carpet or secured in a desk then there is no worry of it sliding around.



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