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Cooler Master Aquagate S1

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Installation looks pretty straight forward judging by the hardware that is supplied.  The first thing to do is to ensure the surface on the CPU you are installing the cooler to is clean and dry.  I usually use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the CPU, as it is both effective and dries very quickly.  And of course, before you start any install on your motherboard or any other electronic components, discharge any static electricity by wearing a propery grounded (bonded) wrist strap.  In addition, consult your hardware owner’s manual to ensure all proper precautions are taken.




First off, we’ll install the mounting screws as shown in the instruction manual.  There are eight plastic washers that are used to isolate the machine screw from the motherboard.  One washer should be inserted first onto each of the machine screws, then the screws inserted through the heat sink support holes in your motherboard.



Once the machine screws have been inserted into the motherboard, a second plastic washer is inserted to each one, and finally the machine nut can be spun on.  Once the nut is hand-tight, the screw can be tightened further from the back of the motherboard.  Do not over tighten the screws, as you could damage your motherboard or strip the screws.




Now that the mounting screws are installed, the motherboard can be installed back into the case.  Next apply the heat sink paste provided to the CPU or to the water block.

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