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Cirago Mini Bluetooth Headset HS-450 Review

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The Cirago HS-450 is, without a doubt, a nice addition to your mobile phone or laptop. Its nice design available in two colors makes it attractive. It is also comfortable to wear; I let my family members try it to get more than one opinion, one of whom is particularly picky about earphones. Surprisingly, he loved that one and felt very comfortable with it! Also, since three earbud with different sizes are provided, it will fit both larger and smaller ears alike.

The functions like call rejecting and microphone mute are very handy. Furthermore, the buttons are well positioned; when using one of these functions, you don't risk pushing any other button inadvertently. However, I do not recommend it for listening to music, as the sound quality for this purpose is very poor, but when making calls, the quality was just as good as any other standard phone. Another great thing is that there is an AC charger included as well as the standard mini-USB cable. So for mobile phone users who don't necessarily have a computer on hand, they can still recharge the unit. Or it could even be plugged in the car, provided you have a DC to AC transformer. As for the range, the HS-450 cannot go over 20ft without losing signal quality. Cirago advertised 33ft, but still, 20ft is acceptable. Finally, I was rather disappointed by the battery life. Depending on the use you make of the headset, it can last a lot less than the announced 6h, so ideally it needs to be recharged everyday when used as a headphone only.



  • Great look available in two colors
  • Comfortable
  • Three earbuds of different sizes included
  • AC charger included as well as a mini-USB cable
  • No decrease in sound quality when making calls
  • Many great functions
  • Buttons well positioned



  • Poor sound quality when listening to music
  • Short battery life (non-phone use)
  • Did not meet the 33 feet range specified
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