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Cirago Mini Bluetooth Headset HS-450 Review

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Closer Look:

The HS-450 has a nice design. It is available in two different colors, for different tastes. The one in this review is the black version. The other one is entirely silver, except the earbud and the part where the microphone is. The main button is the silver part in the middle and has the standard power sign on it. On each side there is a volume button. You can decrease it by pushing the one on the left and increasing it using the other one on the right. The microphone is located under the earbud at the back, you can see the small hole on the third picture. At the top, a small rubber protector can easily be removed to access the mini-USB port, which is used for charging the unit.



















The power sign can light in two different colors to let you know the headset state. If you turn it on, it will emit three blue flashes. When turned off, the same signal, though red, will be emitted. When charging, it will remain red. Also, when in pairing mode, it will flash both colors.



Finally, I felt it was important to show you what it looks like in my ear. At the beginning, I was wondering how I should place the ear band when wearing the headset, because it is not explained anywhere. I finally learned that I should put this rubber loop like in the picture below; it is made for stabilizing the unit inside the ear. This way, it prevents excess movement that the microphone could pick up.

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