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Reviewed on: July 26, 2010
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Have you had enough of your track pad on your laptop? Maybe you are sick of having a ton of cords sticking out of your laptop when you are trying to get some work done while on the road, what ever your reason is for looking at a new laptop mouse, Choiix may just have the solution you are looking for. Choiix has just released a new wireless laptop mouse full of some useful features for the laptop user on the go. The Choiix Cruiser is an ultra portable, small wireless mouse that will work on just about every surface you could think of, making it a perfect solution for your on-the-go needs. This is no gaming mouse so you are going to be getting the basic mouse features, however it is designed to fit your needs. I am very curious how this mouse is going to stack up against the competition out there.


Closer Look:

Taking a look at the packaging for the Choiix Crusiser, you are going to see that the front has a clear plastic cover that allows you to not only have a first hand look at the Cruiser but the Choiix Micro-USB wireless adapter for the mouse to communicate its movements to the computer it is connected to. When you look at the front of the package, you are also going to see the Choiix logo printed above the Cruiser logo. Under the Cruiser logo you are going to find a little bit of information about the mouse, it is a 2.4G wireless Blue Trace mouse packaged with a mouse pad. This is going to allow you to know exactly what you are getting inside of the package. At the bottom of the front of the package, you are going to see the Blue Trace Sensor badge with the description printed below it saying "provides the high precision and no surface limitations including most types of glass". When you take a  look at the back of the packaging, you are going to see the Cruiser logo printed again, you are also going to find two different sections of features, one for the mouse pad and the other for the mouse. There are a few printed pictures to help illustrate these features.








When you open up the packaging for the Choiix Cruiser, you are going to find not only the mouse and the Micro-USB adapter, but you are also going to find two AAA batteries, the Cruiser Mouse Pad, as well as the user manual. The mouse pad has the Choiix logo printed in the bottom left hand corner with some different colored square designs above it to give it a more modern/appealing look to it. The mouse pad measures in at about 8" x 5.25" which is going to make it easy to put inside of your laptop carrying bag for safe keeping during your travels. The batteries that are included are Energizer, not some off the wall no-name brand. The Micro-USB wireless adapter is so tiny that it will literally fit on top of a quarter, it comes in at around 0.75" x 0.5".



Taking a look at the Choiix Cruiser, you are going to see that the overall design to the mouse is really simple, you have your necessary buttons, the right and left clicker as well as your scroll wheel and scroll wheel clicker. Those three buttons are the only ones that are included on the Choiix Cruiser, there are no side buttons on this mouse, however they are not really needed in everyday usage, they are just more of a convience. The back of the mouse has the Choiix logo printed on it to remind you who's mouse you are using, but the back of the mouse is really quite simple as well. The front where you are going to see your buttons and scroll wheel is pretty much just as simple as the back of the mouse.




The top of the mouse has a nice non slip rubber coating to keep your hand more relaxed while using the mouse.  You are also going to see on the bottom of the Choiix Cruiser that there is a sticker with the model number printed on it as well as the serial number just in case you may need to keep track of the mouse.



Taking a look at the bottom of the mouse, you are going to find the On/Off switch so that you don't always have the mouse on and run down your batteries, right next to the On/Off switch, you are going to find the Blue Trace laser that is going to allow you to use your mouse on just about any surface that you may want to, which includes some types of glass surfaces! At the bottom of the mouse, you are going to find a button that is labeled Connect, this is what you are going to press once you have the mouse on for it to locate the USB adapter and begin transmitting its movements to the computer. You are also going to find a switch at the bottom edge of the mouse, this is going to pop the bottom section of the mouse out and raise it up for a more ergonomic feel to it. When you have the mouse poped up, you are going to find a hole at the back of the mouse with another switch by it, this is where you can keep the usb adapter inside of the mouse so you never will loose it.




When you adjust the height of the mouse, you are going to see a little bit of a difference in the design of the mouse, and it is going to look a little bit more comfortable to hold on to while you are working on your laptop. The height is adjusted by about half of an inch, which while in the palm of your hand, is going to be a huge difference.



Now that we know what the mouse looks like, it's time to take a look at the specifications as well as the features of the Choiix Cruiser.



Direction / Butons

3D / 3 Keys

DPI Resolution

1600 dpi

RF Technical

2.4 GHz

Batteries Type

2 x AAA


98 x 57 x 31.5 mm








All information courtesy of Choiix @


To properly test the Choiix Cruiser, I will be testing it on four different aspects: speed, comfort, precision, and customization. To test the speed of the mouse, I will rate how fast the cursor is able to move across the screen. To test the comfort of the mouse, I will rate how comfortable it is to handle. The precision of the mouse will be rated by in-game sniping ability rated by the number of head-shots. For the last rating, I will be rating how well you are able to customize the mouse to fit your needs. The Orochi mouse will be tested as a wired mouse.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Mice:


First up is the speed test, which will be rated on a scale from 1-10. I will be moving the mouse from the top left corner of the screen to the lower right corner. A 10 rating would represent lightning fast, while a 1 would be equal to a snail moving across your screen.





The comfort test is going to be rated by how comfortable and natural the feel of the mouse is to the hand, using a 1-10 point scale, where a 10 represents your hand is in heaven, while a 1 is equal to extreme discomfort.



In the precision test, I will be gaming using Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and using the Barrett .50cal. I will rate the accuracy on a 1-10 scale, where 1 would represent no headshots and a 10 would mean all headshots.



Lastly, we have customization. To grade each mouse on this test, I will see exactly how well you are able to change the buttons of the mouse, as well as how easily it is to adjust the DPI resolution levels on the fly while you are in a game. A 10 would mean you can easily change your DPI settings in the game and have full control over changing the buttons using the software. The Microsoft Intelimouse received a 1 score in this benchmark due to the fact that there is no ability to customize the mouse outside of the standard customizations Windows allows (double-click speed, pointer speed, wheel speed, etc.).


The Choiix got a 7 in the speed test because it was able to move across the screen pretty quickly, however the mouse is capped out at 1600 dpi, which for the average everyday user and what the mouse is designed for, is perfect. When it comes to the comfort test, I had to give the Cruiser a solid 8 because while it is not a full sized mouse, it still has a nice feel inside your palm when it is sitting in the up right position, also with other laptop mice you will be getting a regular hard plastic top of the mouse, you get a nice non slip rubber coating to keep your hand comfortable to rest on the mouse. The precision test is where the mouse fell way below the average, however, this was to be expected, the mouse was not designed to be a gaming mouse, however I was still able to play the game but not quite as comfortably as I would with a full sized mouse. The customization test is the final test in our suite and the Cruiser received the second lowest score of 3/10. This is because the mouse has no software to tweak any of the settings such as the dpi speeds, there also are only the three buttons on the mouse that cannot be customized. The mouse does get some extra points over the Microsoft mouse because the Choiix Cruiser can be physically altered for your comfort needs.


Taking a look at the Choiix Cruiser, you are able to see that the Cruiser has been designed for the laptop user on the go with its small and compact build. The Cruiser itself is a nice and light weight and small/compact mouse which for the market it is aimed at, you are going to be able to put it inside of you laptop bag and it won't take up much space and you will easily be able to make room for it. You are also going to be getting the benefit of the mouse by it being wireless, so you are not going to have to have the cord getting tangled up with everything else that may be in your carrying bag or getting knots in it and making you get the knots out before you attempt to use the mouse. Even though the mouse is not a gaming mouse and is designed to be used by a person who is using the computer for work oriented tasks, the lower dpi speeds that the mouse comes with (1600 dpi) is a little bit out dated with some of the screen sizes that you can get on your laptop, maybe its just the fact that I am so used to my mouse that can go over 5000 dpi, but it just seems a little slower and sluggish to me. I also am not a huge fan of going back to only having three buttons on my mouse, the two side buttons are helpful for navigating the web browsers as well as other applications, it would have been nice to see at least two more buttons added to the mouse. I like the fact that there are no drivers that need to be installed for the Cruiser, you just plug the receiver into an empty USB port and your ready to use the mouse. The Blue Trace laser on the mouse is also a great idea for what the Cruiser's intended usages are, you are going to be able to use the mouse on many different surfaces such as most glasses, metal, wood, tile, carpet, and marble! That means you are not going to have to carry around a mouse pad just to use a mouse with your laptop.

If you are in the market for a new wireless mouse for your on the go setup, you may just want to check out the Choiix Cruiser due to its compact size, Blue Trace laser, and overall feel. I would suggest this mouse to anyone who is looking to ditch their trackpad on their laptop and go with something that is going to make them feel a little bit more at home.