ChillVent II Deluxe Cooler Review

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Reviewed on: January 25, 2004
Kool Solutions
Kool Solutions
Price: $29.99 USD
Alright, so we're all familiar with the idea that we need to keep our CPU cool. If we don't, we're out a rather expensive piece of equipment. So, as overclockers and extremists, we're always scrounging for those few degrees so we can push out those few extra megahertz of speed and the ChillVent system helps us do exactly this. By taking a formed piece of plastic, its designed to take the cool air from the bottom of your case and direct it right onto the hottest place - your CPU. The idea behind venting your system isn't a new one, but the ChillVent is certainly a new and easy to use system. Without further adieu, let's take a look at how this baby works.

In-Depth Look
The ChillVent arrived to me in a fairly plain brown box. Seeing as how my home address is plastered all over it, you don't get the priviledge of seeing it. It was well secured and everything inside was neatly packaged in bubblewrap or smaller cardboard boxes. After sifting through everything we end up with this.

As we can see, the main vent part is made up from 2 pieces. The large vent and the CPU vent cover, which simply snaps on. That's one thing I rather liked about this system, it all just snaps together. And it stays together, they are pretty tight. Below you can see the front and back of the vent. the two holes in the back allow the 2 40mm fans to blow air over the top and bottom of your video card, and, if your Northbridge is in the right spot, it hits that too. Definate benefit for Asus mobo users (as most of those are still passive HS, I believe). The screws are included, and the fans go on easy as pie.


The fans included are one 80mm fan rated at ~3000RPM. No decibel ratings, but its pretty darn quiet. The 40mm fans are silent as well, no high-pitched hum you get with some fans. The 40mm fans are on the same Molex lead with a passthrough so you don't jam up a Molex lead, and the 80mm fan comes with a 3 to 4 pin Molex adapter in case you don't want to run the power off your motherboard.
Now, as with pretty much anything, there are going to be a few bumps along the road to success. And in this case, there's a couple.

I'll let you take a peek inside my case to guess what they might be.

Guessed yet?

Well, if you named off the fact that I have a blower fan (Aero 7 Lite Review) and the positions of my hard drives...we'll, you're really on the ball.

Here's a peek of the problems


Thankfully, part of my problems are solved by the ChillVent kit's inclusion of an 80mm fan. After the removal of the Aero blower fan, the new one simply clips right in. Furthermore, for heatsinks that don't have the ability to just clip another fan in, there are 4 screws included with the kit to allow you to attach the fan to the ChillVent itself.

As for the harddrives, I took out the front fan clip from that HDD rack, and moved the HDDs forward. Unfortunately, that didn't quite sketch out the way I had hoped, as they were still a tad too close.


Again, this is where the brilliant minds at Kool Solutions kick in. On the Vent they have included V-notched scores, which allow you to cut away specific pieces quite neatly. The piece I took off not only allows me to fit the ChillVent properly into my case, but if I were to put an intake fan at the front of my case, fresh air could be blown right into the bottom of the vent.

Now, with the attachment of the PSU bracket, which uses the included velcro tabs to securely attach it, the ChillVent is set in place. Because of the height of my case I can't use the bottom brackets, but if you are going to use them they simply attach to the bottom of your case with double sided tape and there you go.

I should mention here that the instuctions both included with the kit, and those on the website kind of suck. There's a lot of words and options, but if you're like me, you like to have pictures to make sure you're not gonna mess up the most important part of your computer, and one animated GIF doesn't really cut it.
Well, when you get right down to it, there's really only one way to see if a product cuts the mustard. Test it, wring the heck out of it, and see if everything survives.

Test Rig:
Antec 1040BII case
Aero 7 Lite Heatsink (using ChillVent fan)
Abit NF7-S v2.0 motherboard
AMD Barton 2500+ (1.83GHz stock, 2.2GHz(200*11) OC)
Arctic Silver 5
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Graphics
2x Seagate 7200.7 80G SATA HDD in RAID0 config

And now...the ChillVentII Deluxe.

Testing was done taking the Idle temperature 15 minutes after a cold startup, and taking Load temperatures after using CPU Burn-in for 30 minutes. So, lets take a look at some numbers.

So, in this graph we can see that the temperatures are a LOT lower. 5*C lower on BOTH Idle and Load temperatures. Not too shabby, but can it still perform in an overclocked environment?

Again we see performance! The Load temperatures with the ChillVent is 4�C lower then the non-vented tempuratures, and the Idle temps are even better, with a Delta of 6�C!

So he ChillVent performs as well as its advertised! Fantastic, I always love a product that does that. This one is well put together, well thought out, cost-conscious, and includes everything you could want in a venting kit, and about all, it PERFORMS. And, if you're planning on using the included fan for your heatsink, it performs QUIETLY! The testing heatsink we used is not by any means the best out there. The Aero 7 Lite Heatsink is an Al-Cu hybrid, and a decent one, but (unfortunately) I can only imagine the additional temperature drops you could obtain if you had a good copper heatsink and a high-CFM fan drawing from this vent. Your Delta results could be better then mine - and in the cooling business, that's something to get excited about.


  • WORKS! Lower temperatures
  • Cost efficient
  • Well put together
  • Easy to install
  • Everything you need is included
  • It's quiet!


  • Included instructions stink!

We would like to thank Kool Solutions for providing us this cooler to review!