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Chieftec AEGIS Mid Tower Review

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Overall, the Chieftec AEGIS was slightly disappointing. With a name like Chieftec, I would have hoped for a product with more cooling ability (they didn't include any fans), and better noise / vibration dampening. Every time one of my hard drives had to make a seek, I could hear it. Also, the fans on my CPU and GPU were much louder than in the Cosmos. This of course could be a side effect of not having the additional fan noise to muffle these sounds. All these little things combined together made me not really enjoy using the case. However, there were some cool features, like the screwless design of the expansion slots and drive slots. Also, there are a lot of places for fans to be placed which would make the biggest of the negatives in with this case disappear. If you want a case that can easily be modified to your liking, then this wouldn't be a bad choice and has cooling potential. Potential in that the case should flow a decent amount of air once there are fans installed to manage the airflow through this case. It's a shame that the fans are optional, but on the flip side, this allows Chieftec to keep the cost of the case down and allow the end user the option of adding fans that meet their own criteria (LED Color, CFM, noise level). The position of the fan mounts offers a look into just how this case might cool your components. As it sits, the temperatures that the case delivered were higher than a case with fans that is to be expected. Pricing is right at $99 dollars, which puts this case squarely in comparison range with mid-towers such as the Antec 900 and NZXT Tempest at $109 bucks, that include all the cooling you could ever need for the advertised price. Even so, the Chieftec Aegis is a good looking case with potential. Just add fans.



  • Lots of drive bays
  • Lots of places to add fans
  • Screwless design
  • Passive cooling



  • Price
  • Noisy
  • Fans optional


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