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Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH Motherboard Review


As I stated earlier, the testing portion of this will consist of my old AMD Athlon XP 1800+ system, and then the parts transferred to the Chaintech motherboard using an AMD64 3000+.

When I first started the benchmarking, I was going to test the AMD64 system using Windows XP Pro (SP1a) as well as the recently released Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems Beta Trial; Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems is the AMD64 version of Windows XP 64-Bit. However, due to problems associated with the beta OS and several of the benchmarking applications, testing using Windows XP 64-Bit was all but impossible in most cases. Because of these problems, testing was done only with Windows XP Pro (SP1a).

All of the video and gaming benchmarks/test will be using the nVidia ForceWare 53.03 Drivers and Microsoft DirectX 9.0b unless otherwise noted. The 53.03 drivers are the “latest and greatest” drivers provided by nVidia, at the time I started working on this review. - I'd like to point out that just because they are the latest drivers, does not mean they are best for benchmarking, however since most people tend to go with whatever driver is the latest, I decided I would use this driver.

Components used in each system are:

  • XFX GeForce 4 Ti 4200 (AGP8x)
  • 512M Corsair PC2700 (333Mhz)
  • DDR CL2.5 Creative SBLive! Platnium 5.1 (without the LiveDrive)
  • 2x Seagate 40G 7200RPM IDE Hard Drives
  • Creative PC-DVD ROM 8x DVD Drive
  • Plextor PlexWriter 24/10/40A CD-RW

These components are far from “top of the line” and will not produce any outstanding results in any benchmark, however it's all that I have available right now. Got to go with what you were given in life, right? I do have some higher end memory and a few SATA drive headed my way that will be used for future testing. For any video card manufacturers that happen to be reading this, I wouldn't mind a new video card, and hey, I'm not picky. I'll use ATI or nVidia. :p Anyway, on to the testing...

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