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Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH Motherboard Review


Closer Look (Cont.)

On of the most noticeable features of the ZNF3-150 is the RadEX system. What the heck is RadEX you ask? Well, it's an acronym of course!

Revolutionary: CHAINTECH is the pioneer among the rest of motherboard makers to design the first onboard thermal solution - RadEX!
Active: Heat dissipation begins from the power source, RadEX actively diverts the high temperature away from the hot spots instantly!
Direct: CHAINTECH migrates Super Conductive Heatpipe Technology from space applications into motherboard cooling! It is an ideal, fast, the direct heat conducting method that guarantees you an everlasting stability!
EXhaust: RadEX draws the hot air straight out of your system and completely eliminates overheating!

The RadEX system uses a Heat Pipe (similar to what’s seen on many of Zalman’s heat sinks and cooling devices.) to keep eight voltage regulators around the Ziff socket cool. The idea behind this is to allow for better overclocking by keeping the chips cool and helping stabilize the voltage regulators.

When I first glanced at the motherboard, I thought that the north bridge had a nice little fan/fan guard on it. It wasn’t till I actually looked closer at the board that there was no fan on the north bridge. Instead a passive heat sink was used. Though that it was pretty odd that a fan would be used on the RadEX system to cool the voltage regulators, but not on the north bridge. - Though since many of the functions that were once done by the north bridge have been integrated into the CPU with the AMD64 processors, I guess the north bridge isn't doing to much to warrant active cooling.

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  7. Testing
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  15. Conclusion
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