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Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH Motherboard Review


Before I wrapped up this review, I did want to take a moment and show you the software related to the Chaintech motherboard. This deals with the DigiDoc software and the CMC's “control center”.

Every time I see “DigiDoc” I keep wanting to think of the Digital Doc multifunction panel. Of course, it's not the same thing. The DigiDoc software is Chaintech's “motherboard monitor”. As you can see from the image, it monitors CPU and System temps, along with the voltages and fan speeds for the CPU and System fans. Since the north bridge on the ZNF3-150 is passively cooled, we have no fan speed.

It wasn't a major problem, but I thought I'd note in case anyone else runs into this problem. When I was installing the DigiDoc software, I encountered this error after trying to run the program: Can't load memacc.vxd or memacc.sys. This problem was resolved by running the repair software option on the DigiDoc from Windows add/remove programs.

The Vinyl Envy Audio software that was packaged with the system is straightforward and easy to use. However I did find one thing odd about it. You've probably noticed the 2 channel - 8 channel icons at the top of the images, now if you look at the images of the speaker configuration you can see what they are calling 6 channel is what most people refer to as 5.1, likewise what they refer to as 8 channel is 7.1. While I guess technically, 5.1 is 6 channel, it would make more sense to have it labeled as what people know, 5.1.


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