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CES 2013 Coverage

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PDP Afterglow

The PDP booth had an interesting product from Afterglow that really glowed with interest. The Afterglow Prismatic wireless headset is geared toward gamers, specifically the console gamers with support for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U, but of course PC gaming as well. The headset itself is white with black padding on the head and ear cup portions. The mic tucks away neatly and you really wouldn't know it was a headset unless someone told you. The mode switch allows you to select between three different audio options based on a color indicator on the mic. Blue provides you with the Pure Audio, which is how it would sound normally played through your speakers; red gives a bass boost on the music; green provides 3D expanded sounds. It's there to play with and really gives you quick control over how your audio sounds. The retail packaging shows off the headset a bit more and gives you a better idea of what the mic looks like tucked away there in the front.









The headset itself actually glows on the outside of the cups in a range of "prismatic" colors. You can choose the color to display or allow it to cycle through. It cycles through the rainbow of colors fading one to the next and has many options. Starting with a shot of pink the headset cycled through a few different colors available: orange, yellow-orange, and green. There are plenty more options and in general was quite fun to play with. Although you wouldn't likely see what color you were wearing on your head, it definitely adds that bit of customization we all look for and love.




Waco here sports the headset to give you an idea of how you'll look wearing them. Of course you won't have the pull-cord pulling on the headset like he did here, but he said they sounded good and really blocked out all the external noise. We all had a lot of fun playing with them – hopefully we'll have another chance to play with these some more. With ten hours on the rechargeable battery, impressive comfort, and quite nice sound, the Prismatic headset from Afterglow was quite the find at the PDP booth.

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