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CES 2012 Coverage

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Sennheiser was on hand to showcase several new pairs of headphones and headsets. First up are two pairs of headsets for the Xbox 360; the first pairs made by Sennheiser specifically for the Xbox 360. The X 320 features amplified stereo sound, a noise-canceling microphone, dual volume control, and bass boost. The X 320 is a supra aural headset, meaning that the cups rest on the ear instead of going completely around the ear like several other models. The X 2 is a single sided design, similar to the default Xbox Live headset, and also includes a noise-canceling microphone.









Next up was a new high end set, the HD 700. The HD 700 features a fully open design, and looks similar to the HD 800 headphones. However, the 700 series will feature a lower price point, allowing someone that wants high end sound to get it at a lower price. The lower price doesn't mean that quality will be sacrificied, as the HD 700 sounded fantastic to everyone that had listened to them. The HD 700 has a circumaural design, meaning the cups fit entirely around the ear. A 40mm Duofol transducer provides the power to reproduce audio from 10 to 42,000Hz.


The RS 220 is a wireless headset designed to provide high quality sound without restrictions imposed by having a wired connection. In order for the high quality sound to be able to transfer wirelessly, the connection between the audio source and the headphones is very important. The RS 220 provides several options to connect, including coaxial digital and optical digital connections. The sound is then transmitted using 2.4GHz wireless technology from the base to the headphones. A display model wasn't available to perform and sound tests at the show.


Sennheiser also had several of its current headphones on display in a listening booth for all to try out. Several of us took the opportunity to try out the HD 800 in particular, as it is the most expensive set offered by Sennheiser. The headphones were connected to an amplifier and CD player, that probably cost at least as much as the headphones. The result of all this was extremely high quality sound, providing a much better listening experience than any of our current headphones.


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