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CES 2012 Coverage

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Upon walking into the Thermaltake suite, we were instantly rewarded with an abundant sight of cases, power supplies, coolers, headphones, external hard drive cases, and hot swap bays. When it comes to computer parts, though it can be overwhelming, I think many of us can agree that you can never have too much in one room. The first thing we snapped a picture of is the Snow Edition Level 10 GT. A little further away from it was the Level 10 GTS Snow Edition — a much lower cost but similar version of the bigger version. Honestly, it doesn't look as good as the Level 10 GT of course, but it offers a much more affordable alternative. When it came to looking at the coolers, we saw more Snow Edition products, such as the regular Frio Snow Edition and the Frio OCK Snow Edition. Also on the piano was the Frio Advanced, and the new-to-us Contac 39 cooler. On the power supply table, we saw more white power supplies — yes, more Snow Edition products. It certainly is a proper name for "cool" computer hardware! The power supplies on display were shown in ranges from 700W or less all the way up to 1475W from the Toughpower XT Gold series.











Behind the coolers were the hard drive accessories/peripherals. I liked the idea of the add-in 5.25" hot swap bay for 2.5" and 3.5" drives. Also on the add-in 5.25" hot swap bay are two USB 3.0 ports. Something new to us that we saw from Thermaltake were its car chargers, USB AC chargers, and surge protectors. If you like Thermaltake products, why not have everyday peripherals that still have Thermaltake's styling looks to them as well? Something else cool (no pun intended) that we saw were some iPad cases, Bluetooth stereo headphones, phone cases, keyboard protectors, etc. Speaking of headphones, why not check out the new colorful line of headsets from Thermaltake? Not only do they look neat (minus a few of them, only due to the taste mismatch), but they sounded pretty good too.




We also got to see one of Thermaltake's backlit keyboards, with the unique feature that only lights up the most commonly-used keys, geared specifically for the gamer. Polling at a rate of 1000Hz, the Meka G Unit mechanical keyboard also supports up to 60 macro keys. An interesting thing that I don't think we had seen before are these Harmor cases — used for protecting 3.5" hard drives. I haven't seen bare 3.5" hard drives travel by themselves very often, but these are perfect for helping make sure that happens safely! Right next to the Meka G Unit keyboard were two different self-contained water cooling units, simply named the Water 2.0 Pro and the Water 2.0 Performer. Hopefully we'll get to see some numbers from those platforms soon. There was also a 2x120mm version pre-installed in a case off to the side.



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