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CES 2012 Coverage

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OCZ Technology

For those of us who have fallen in love with the idea of having an SSD in your computer to achieve blistering speed, if you had the opportunity to make it to OCZ's pen then you would have been arguably speechless. Everywhere you looked, all you could see were SATA SSDs, external SSD devices, internal PCI-equipped drives, and even super high end SATA controllers. On the main display, we got to see just about every OCZ SATA SSD, the full line of monster Revo drives and Z-drives and some of the recently announced SATA controllers.













Though it doesn't launch until June 2012, OCZ had out its Everest 2 flash controller platform on display — capable of 550MB/s read speeds and 550MB/s write speeds. Though that doesn't sound like anything impressive, it's a completely separate add-on component that will not only allow for up to 2TB of capacity from 2.5" drives, it also is expected to remedy many of the shortcomings found in the original Everest platform. Hopefully, we'll get to see these new controllers in something like the next lineup in the OCZ Vertex series. Moving way up the ladder in flash controller platforms, we also got to see the Kilimanjaro flash controller platform. Capable of up to 3GB/s transfer speeds and up to 1.8 million IOPS, the Kilimanjaro platform is already present in many of OCZ's high-end PCIe drives — including the Z-Drive R5.



Those of us that were fortunate enough to visit OCZ during this CES had the jaw-dropping experience when we turned around and had a gander at a demo computer that was running some tests and reporting some numbers in realtime. Before we share those numbers, we'll point out that the machine was operating under two Z-Drive R4s in RAID0. Together, these cards have about 2 million IOPS of processing power, but the watercooled i7-3960X-based system could only keep up with about 1.4 million of those IOPS. So yes, the most powerful desktop processor currently on the market was bottlenecking these two drives at 100% usage across all 12 threads. Even at only 1.4 million IOPS, we witnessed a staggering WRITE figure of over 12GB/s. Yes, that's a G. Don't expect to go out and buy two of these any time soon, or even one for that matter — you'll need to take out a second mortgage.



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