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CES 2012 Coverage

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While visiting with the Corsair folks this year at CES, we got a good look at Corsair's selection for memory, power supplies, and SSDs. Corsair's memory lines that were on display was mostly the Vengeance series, with a couple other lower-end modules for comparison. Look out for tall modules, with a lot of these due to their heatsinks, but there are still some in the Vengeance series that are much lower profile (modules on the rear of the display versus those on the front). The line of power supplies was rather expected, but it was neat to see them all lined up to make comparisons in sizes and features. The power supplies on display ranged in capacity from 650W or less, all the way up to the 1200W Professional Series Gold model — a fully modular design, including even the 24-pin ATX harness. As far as the SSD display goes, we got to see five different series — all ranging in size and performance starting at 60GB and going up to 256GB models.










Although not all of us got to see the Battlefield 3 mod in person this year at CES that we very closely followed through our very own forums, it was a relief to the few of us that got to get a personal look at MNPCTech's Carbide Series 400R mod that tributes to Serenity from the TV series Firefly. The attention to detail and the overall quality of work was immaculate and a certain privilege to see (but not touch!).



Corsair also had some other cases on display ranging from the Carbide Series cases, including the most recent of the group — the Carbide Series 400R along with the Graphite and Obsidian Series cases. We have been lucky enough to have our hands on most of these already, but we still enjoyed seeing them again. Corsair also had some of its peripherals on display, such as its gaming mice and keyboards, along with a few samples of headsets — also with the Vengeance name.


Probably the most exciting thing at Corsair this year is its recently-launched line of SSD caching drives named the Accelerator series. Accelerator drives don't have much capacity and are only available in 30gb, 45gb, and 60gb capacities and start at a price of only $69 and range up to $99 for the 60gb version. At first, you think that that's not much capacity but that's exactly the point. With an inexpensive addon caching SSD, you can still expect extremely fast boot sequences and loading of frequently-used games. The system on the left is displaying performance without the caching drive while the same system is on the right only with the caching drive in place. For those who don't want to spend hundreds on an SSD as their root hard drive, this is a great option!



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