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CES 2012 Coverage

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beyerdynamic was on hand to display a number of its high end headphones. As with Sennheiser, many of the headphones were available to listen to and hooked up to amplifiers for excellent sound quality. There were a number of headphones on display, including some from the gaming headset line. The highlight of the latter group was the MMX 300. The handmade German headset comes with a USB sound card with volume control and a microphone mute function. The circumaural headset offers a frequency range from 5 to 30,000Hz. It was also remarkably comfortable, with replaceable ear and headband pads, and will undoubtedly be able to provide hours of gaming time without discomfort.











Another interesting product on display was the Headzone Home 5.1 surround headphone system. A pair of headphones were hooked up to the system as Terminator 2 played on the TV. The sound quality of the headphones was amazing, producing surround sound in a set of stereo headphones. The soft pads of the headphones would allow for hours of listening, as they were nearly as comfortable as the couch in the viewing area. This is definitely something worth considering if you are looking for a surround sound setup that you can turn up without worrying about startling your neighbors.



Stream TV Networks

We were approached by a representative from Stream TV Networks asking if we wanted a 3D TV demonstration, and we, of course, said yes. The product on display was the Ultra-D line of 3D televisions without glasses, promising the only 3D technology that isn't affected by viewing angles. This technology is made possible using a custom-embedded algorithm that eliminates viewing angles and minimizes latency, a conversion module that does real-time conversion from a number of formats with user controlled "pop" and depth, and an optical lens that I can't spell and wasn't in the press kit. The controllable "pop" and depth were adjusted using a computer that was connected to the display TV, allowing for a customizable experience for whatever source you happen to be viewing. During the demo, we had to adjust a bit to get a viewing angle that we were comfortable with, but the 3D adjusted as we moved from side to side. Stream TV is currently looking for industry partners, and plans to release a TV sporting this technology sometime this year.


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