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CES 2012 Coverage

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This year at CES 2012, Seagate had a pretty small cubicle, consisting of nothing more than two laptops hooked up to two big monitors. We did, however, get a chance to talk to one of the Seagate representatives and he told us about the second generation of Momentus XT Hybrid hard disk drives. The new 750GB Momentus XT Hybrid drive sounds pretty slick with improved access speeds and reduced boot times.

One of the downsides to having a solid state drive is that the drive's life will be diminished from reading and writing files. Thanks to the Momentus XT's new "adaptive memory", the drive learns what files and programs you use most and it caches these in to the flash memory. By doing this, it decreases the amount of reading and writing your hard drive has to do. Also, by storing these files in the cache, it will reduce load times and give you better performance.

Other features added to the Momentus XT are support for 6Gbps SATA and "Fast Boot". Fast Boot will cache data used only during the boot process, thus giving users a quicker boot-up time. Seagate has also upgraded the Momentus XT SSD section (SLC NAND flash) from 4GB to 8GB. In addition, the representative said the second generation 750GB hybrid drive outperformed the 500GB drive across the board.








VIBRAS by Track Scan

When it comes to gaming headsets, companies like Sennheiser and Turtle Beach have really set the bar high in terms of quality. But Track Scan, a company that specializes in headset equipment used by race fans to listen to pit crew communications, has now entered the gaming industry as well. The gaming headset division of Track Scan goes under the name VIBRAS.

At this year’s CES, VIBRAS was showcasing three gaming headsets, among other things. The VIBRAS 5.1 gaming headset comes in two different versions — one is USB, designed for the PC and PS3, while the other is optical and used with the Xbox 360. The company had a very nice Dell XPS with Modern Warfare 3 loaded up and ready to play with the VIBRAS USB 5.1 connected so that the CES gaming fans could get a feel for the quality. After putting them on, it was instantly evident that there would be a new player in the high-quality gaming headset market. The headset has four speakers on each side, which really puts you into the game with an amazing amount of sound detail. For the Xbox 360 version, there is a module that allows you to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble, as well as volume control. With the PC/PS3 device, the module is only used for adjusting volume and switching from Dolby Digital and Stereo mode, while the controls for the different ranges are handled by a software program. The headset is extremely comfortable and, even after long hours of gaming, they would be unlikely to produce any discomfort. Another great feature for the hardcore gamer who logs countless number of hours in game is the fact that the ear pads are replaceable. So even after you wear them out, have no fear, you can easily make them feel brand new again. The other headset on display at the VIBRAS booth was the Vulcan. The Vulcan will be useable on all three platforms, but is not available yet.



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