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CES 2012 Coverage

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Cooler Master

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Cooler Master had some neat products to show off at CES this year. If you are a fan of any of its HAF series cases, you'll be happy to know there is a new member, the HAF XM. It's the newest iteration in the line and is capable of handling an XL-ATX motherboard. Unfortunately a shot of this didn't turn out — but between Google and your search abilities, you should be able to find one.

Cooler Master did showcase some of its newest Silent Pro power supplies, all of which meet the 80 Plus Gold efficiency standard. The biggest addition in the line had to be the inclusion of a fan controller on the Silent Pro hybrid models (available in 850W, 1050W, and 1300W). At a 200W load, the PSU is capable of a fan-less mode where the fans don't spin up, thus making it super silent. At anything above the 200W threshold, the controller, which fits in any of your 5.25" bays, allows you to control the PSU fan, as well as some system fans that can be directly connected to the PSU itself. All the Silent Pro additions are 100% modular and have no cables attached when it shows up. As such, you get to decide which cables the PSU runs and get rid of the extra bulk of those unnecessary ones.

The new line of coolers are also released as the x6 Elite series. There is a variety to select from with 4-6 lines of heat pipes and a single fan. The TPC812 cooler uses vertical vapor chambers and cools as well as the H80 water kit. It was rather impressive to see such results on air. These should be pretty interesting to compare to others on the market.






Another member of the CM Storm series will be showing up sometime in March 2012. If you remember the Trooper case and hoped that it looked more like a storm trooper, you're going to be very happy. The CM Storm Stryker is going to be a white version of the Trooper case. The final decision as to whether it will be a glossy white finish or a matte finish is still being decided. That being said, the representatives had both on display, asking opinions from visitors, and most people preferred that matte finish (us included). In every other aspect, the case is exactly the same as the Trooper.



A new line of notebook and table stands designed to fit the Mac theme are being released this year. After having a few holders and sleeves developed with its sister companies, Cooler Master is releasing a full line under the CM name. A couple of notebook coolers are being released as well to help keep your laptop cooler while you work. One of the coolers even allows you to move the two mounted fans to better align cooling channels for different laptop models.



As if there hadn't been enough phone cases scattered about the entire CES convention floor, Cooler Master is even putting stock in those. If you love your HAF series case model, you can now get a phone cover to match. Odd production item, but if that's what's in demand, it will be made. CM also has some more Power Fort accessories that allow you to have a quick backup battery pack when your battery in your portable device dies. There are varied sizes for use in different applications, making life on the go with electronics that much easier to survive.



The Cosmos II, which OCC reviewed about a week or two ago, was on display with a custom paint job. Done completely by hand and airbrush, the case really stood out from the others. Created by Smooth Creations, it took several days of man power to complete. It really goes to show what can be done with a little modification and some pure talent — along with extreme patience.


Some miscellaneous hardware of non-computer related coolers were laid out for view. There were some heatpipe and vapor chamber demos that really showed off the individual components that go into cooling.



Overall, Cooler Master has a lot coming out this year for consumers. It's really impressive the amount of effort that goes into a lot of its cases as they are tested by real users like you to find flaws before they ever show up on your doorstep. It was a good day at the Cooler Master suite.

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