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CES 2012 Coverage

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This year at CES 2012, Plantronics had its line of GameCom Headsets on display. We got to take a look at the GameCom 780 and 380 headsets, but the X95 was not hooked up when we went through the convention. The Plantronics GameCom 780 and 380 gaming headsets sounded great. They included many of the same features, such as noise-canceling microphones to prevent background noise from being heard by others while you are gaming. Plantronics line of headsets are all very comfortable and included cushioned ear pads and headbands.

The GameCom 780 headset includes Dolby and Pro Logic llx technology which transforms your standard audio into 7.1 surround sound. The headset sports a pair of 40mm speakers for some very clean and crisp bass. The volume and mute buttons are on the ear cup of this headset and I found it very easy to find the buttons and use them without much hassel. The 780 is a USB powered headset; the cord was pretty thick and looked like it would be able to handle a ton of abuse. The 780 retails for $79.99 and was a nice sounding gaming headset.






The GameCom 380 headset, which we did not get a good picture of has the same look and feel of the GameCom 780 with a few minor differences. The 380 had a black ear cup with gray wires while the 780 had black cups with red wires. The 380, however, was not USB powered, but rather a standard 3.5mm audio plug. This headset also included a pair of 40mm speakers for your listening pleasure, and just like its bigger brother, it comes with the noise-canceling microphone. The 380 also comes with very comfortable ear cups and headband. The GameCom 380 retails for $49.99

Lastly we looked at Plantronics GameCom X95. GameCom X95 is a very sharp looking wireless headset. This headset seemed to be marketed more for console gamers. The information material says the adapter easily hooks up to your Xbox 360 and TV. We, however, did not get to wear or try out this headset, but looking at them you could tell they would be as comforable as the 780 and 380 headsets. The GameCom X95 includes a pair of 40mm speakers and an adjustable tuck-away microphone. This headset retails for $99.99.

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