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CES 2010 Coverage

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CES Final Thoughts:


This year was better than the previous and the crew that represented OCC are some of the greatest people I have ever met. Although CES was not a big as last year there will be many memories (you know who you are) that we will share for years to come. I would say my favorite part of the actual show was what CyberPower had on display. The computers that they build are awesome and would be killer machines to have. There is a lot of great technology coming our way and until the next CES I look forward to everything we will see before then.


Las Vegas is an interesting place. Meeting the OCC guys for the first time was equally interesting, which made CES 2010 a somewhat memorable experience. I think the other guys will probably understand when I say that I didn’t know what to expect from the other folks here from OCC and vice versa. The CES convention I’m told is ‘not as big as previous years’, which makes me wonder just how big it used to be, because it was so unbelievably huge this year, I’m astounded that OCC was able to cope with a lower headcount before now.

We were all so busy the whole week with meetings and booths to attend, there wasn’t that much time for rest and play, but we did all manage to chill out a little. It was quite hard though, what with an estimate 20+ miles of walking covered over the last four days alone. It really is that big. The parts of the show that impressed me the most were the new devices from Razer, the Peregrine gaming glove and the ION powered netbooks on the NVIDIA booth. 3D technology was also pretty impressive, though I felt that the technology still has a few kinks to iron out before I am likely to buy in to it.

As the convention comes to a close, I have mixed feelings coming home to the UK. While I cannot wait to get back in to my own bed again and get more than four hours sleep, I’m slightly gutted that I won’t get to spend more time with the rest of the guys here from OCC. Dave will especially miss having his go-kart time being smashed by the Limey Brits, and Andrew will definitely miss having his Sixense baseball distance being quashed by the Limey too. Suffice to say, we do things better over in the UK. Apart from the Vegas party life ... though the less said about that, the better. At least for one or two of the guys in particular ... hope to see you all again next year for CES 2011!



This was my second year now that I've enjoyed the opportunity to come out to Las Vegas with everyone from OCC for CES, and while I didn't get to spend as much time out there as I would like (thanks for ruining all my fun, school), I still had a great time. While the convention this year was definitely smaller than last year, there was no lack of things to see and write about, as you can probably tell from the length of our article. It felt like we were constantly running around from booth to booth gaining new information. In fact, my feet are still sore from it all, so I hope you have found our coverage both extensive and helpful.

Every year I come out here feels unreal. I am one of the youngest members of the OCC team, and getting to meet with people like Robert Krakoff and invited to parties with Executive Vice Presidents, pro gamers, and other website owners seems like something out of a dream. It really goes to show how respected Overclockersclub is in the community. Dave (and the rest of the team) deserves many thanks for working so hard to give us the reputation we have, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention all of our viewers, too.

The team this year was also great. While most of us already knew each other from last year, the people who were coming for the first time quickly joined in the camaraderie we all share. Even if we gave certain members a hard time due to some excessive expenditure, we all had a great time whether we were in the hotel, taking pictures of the hotels on the strip, or on the show floor learning about products. To steal a little humor from “The Hangover,” our wolf pack has grown.

Finally, I would like to thank several people for helping make this trip possible. Obviously Dave deserves major thanks for making it possible for us all to be here, as well as the rest of the team for providing excellent coverage year after year. I also would like to thank my professors, Dr. Khorbotly, Dr. Ward, Dr. Bowers, and Dr. Wang, all from Ohio Northern University, for allowing me to reschedule tests and quizzes to make it possible for me to come out here while keeping up with my school work. Of course, I can't forget all the companies who showed us their latest and greatest technology, as they help us shape our CES coverage into the first class coverage we want. Last but not least, thanks to my parents who helped me finance the flight out to Las Vegas and back, and for always encouraging me to do my best.



This is my second straight year attending CES, and once again, I had a blast. It certainly didn't feel like a full year has passed since the last time, and seeing the OCC staff again, including some for the first time, further made it feel like barely any time passed by. That being said, this year's CES had a somewhat different feel than last year's. Many vendors opted out of setting up booths in the convention hall, instead inviting us to visit them in hotel suites. This was both good and bad. It was good because they were often private sessions with a more intimate feel. The bad part was that it added a lot of travel time, thus taking away time from the actual convention hall. Despite that, I think our coverage was better than ever, thanks in large part to Jack's HD video recording. Hopefully you guys agree.

One of my favorite parts of CES 2010, aside from the booth babes, was the recognition we received. Although the amount of companies that contributed prizes to the OCC Christmas Contest gives you an idea at how much companies like and respect OCC, hearing "Oh my god, I love you guys!" from several people really makes you feel like a part of something special. The absolute best part of CES, however, is the people. As with last year, the OCC staff that attended were all a lot of fun to hang out with. It truly feels like a family. I'd like to thank Dave for allowing me to attend once again and definitely hope I'm back for another go next year. Special thanks to Jack for shooting all those amazing videos, and of course all the companies that were really accommodating, especially Razer for not only meeting with us privately, but also allowing us some hands-on time with their products.



CES 2010 was my first time coming around but I've always wanted to look around at the latest gadgets. I've been to Las Vegas - Nevada before but this was the first time that I was of legal age. The trip was long - 33 hours one way approximately - but in the end was worth it. This was the time when I first met eleven of my coworkers over here at OCC. Starting the New Year with firsts! It was definitely an amazing trip. It was fun getting to know everyone and meeting some other people who came to Las Vegas for CES and parties that revolved around it. The companies and manufacturers at CES were all eager to show off their latest products and demonstrations.

I was amazed at both the amount of people that came to CES as well as the variation of people - they came in from all around the world. Another thing that was interesting was the amount of accommodation that the hotels and CES had for everyone an example - free shuttles to and from CES and the hotels. There were some free press items and some nice giveaways and grab bags. I enjoyed being able to put some faces to the guys at OCC as well as meeting some people of the many manufacturers.



While this was my 2nd time to Las Vegas for OCC, it was my first trip for CES and my first time meeting the staff members. To be honest, I was rather surprised that Dave asked me to be apart of the coverage team. Not only have I been out of the technology loop for quite some time, but I rarely even turn on a PC anymore. In fact, I was the only staff member without a decent camera or a note/netbook; though I did put my iPhone to good use. The staff we had at the show were great. Everyone put a lot of hard work and long hours into their coverage, and the amount of content this year reflects that. A big thanks to Jack (Silverfox) who took it upon himself to become the OCC video reporter, and made our YouTube videos possible.

Aside from meeting the staff, I also had the opportunity to meet several representatives from the industry: ThermalTake, Razer, Gigabyte, Intel, Corsair, PowerColor, Kingston, and many others. Sadly CES has come to and end, and now it's time for us to head home. Many miles have been walked, many drinks have been drunk, and much money has been spent. It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to have been here.



This was the second year that I was able to come down to Las Vegas to cover the CES floor. There weren't quite as many booths as there were last year, which was disappointing, however the number of products that were at the booths this year was impressive. I really did enjoy going to the Xtreme Systems party that they hosted at at the Go-Kart track with their liquid nitrogen overclocking runs on the new i3 processor and the fact that they were able to get the new world record. My favorite part about coming down here was being able to go to the convention center and see some of the new product that was going to be coming out in the next year or so, as well as meeting with the companies that we deal with quite frequently.

Another cool thing that I was able to participate in again was meeting with Robert (the owner of Razer) to discuss the upcoming technologies that they plan on getting out to the consumers soon. I liked the fact that Razer is focusing on the gaming aspect and even expanding into the console gaming a little bit with their Xbox 360 headset and wired controller. I really did enjoy being here this year at CES and meeting with the manufactures so that I could help get this article written up for all of you to enjoy.



This was my second year attending CES with the rest of the guys from OCC, so I largely knew what to expect from the show and from the people I was working with. That translates into a good dose of hard work mixed in with a healthy helping of fun and horseplay. Most of the OCC team got into Las Vegas a little earlier than last year, which meant we had a little time to get (re)accustomed to the slightly surreal surroundings of the hotel and casino. It also meant we could spend some time catching up, or getting to know each other in the case of people who hadn't met before. We ended our first day with a few drinks to honor the passing of Verran. A fitting start to our time here I think.

Since CES kicked off on Thursday, it has been pretty much non-stop here, with a heaving show floor and many of us rushing around doing our best to bring you as much coverage as we could this year. I think we have done a pretty good job of that, though it's likely we won't get to reflect on the work we have done until everyone is back at home again and well rested. As with last year, I have enjoyed the time here immensely. Getting to spend time with the rest of the staff was a blast and I'll have plenty of memories to take away with me (including a few I can't talk about here).

Looking at the show itself, it is impossible to get around and see everything it has to offer, with a mind boggling amount of technology on display. The few demonstrations of 3D implementations we saw last year have turned into an avalanche this year, though I still think the glasses need to be ditched before it will be something everyone wants to experience in the home. However, I was very impressed with the guys at Razer, what with its expansion into the console market with an Xbox 360 controller and its work with Sixence on a motion control system that has real potential for a number of applications. Overall, it was another great year and I hope to return again next January.



While I didn’t get out to the Convention Center floor for much of the show, I found that each time I went out I was like a kid in a candy store. Seeing the big screen panels at resolutions up to 2160p was just amazing, as you felt you could just reach on into the screen. With MSI you have the Big Bang Fuzion motherboard that features Lucid Hydra technology to allow the end user to use both an ATI and NVIDIA video card in a multi-GPU setup. Patriot memory was showing off their latest storage solutions including the Inferno SSDs. We also saw demonstrations that you think you would never see, such as the time we spent with Thermaltake, where the representative actually proved the strength of his chassis design by standing on it. Point made! Speaking with the folks at Gigabyte we were treated to an in depth discussion on the power requirements for USB devices. At Kingston we saw a desktop system with 24GB of system memory in use. Seeing the build quality of the PC systems CyberpowerPC puts together just floored me, with how clean and well put together they were.

One of the highlights for me this year was taking part in the 2010 Tiger Direct PC race for charity. Finishing fifth was a little disappointing but it was an improvement over last year and well, I had some competition I wanted to beat soundly, which I did. Spending the night with the team at Xtreme systems party was a phenomenal time. Getting stomped in more than a few races by the UK boys was a great time. There are so many more moments that will live forever in my memory that can’t be discussed because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…maybe! Meeting the manufacturers and seeing the latest products that will be or are already released is always interesting. But more than the technology it’s the meeting of old friends and putting face to names you deal with on a regular basis. This year was tempered with a little sadness with the passing of one of the OCC family, but his family came out to Las Vegas to meet the OCC team. All in all this was a great trip and I am left with many great memories I will cherish for the rest of my days. Till next time……



I have to say this CES was the one that I was looking forward to more then any previous event. First off, spending time with the guys was a blast as always. Getting to meet Jack and Bryan for the first time was awesome. I have known them both for years but never had the chance to meet them until now. I had a blast with the all the guys and this group is one of the best that I have ever had. Every year this gets better and better for us and the crews get stronger and stronger. Its amazing to see their hardwork and dedication.

The loss of Ryan (aka Verran) on Dec 4th 2009 was overwhelming for me personally. So when I was told by Ryan's wife that she and Ryan's parents were coming to Vegas on Jan 8th I knew this would be a special event for everyone involved. Sharing the loss of Ryan with my crew from OCC and Ryan's family was great and fun, but at the same time it brought us all together and for that I was most proud. Ryan's family is one of the most loveable families I have ever met and I was honored that they came to see us. I will see them again in a few weeks for Ryan's memorial but it was nice to see them this past weekend and it will be great to see them again.

As for the show, to be honest I did very little of it. I went to the show for a total of 2 meetings. Every other meeting was at hotels, which was a bonus for me. One thing I did notice right off the bat was the show was smaller. Less booths, less companies and generally pretty crappy to say the least. With rumours floating around about companies getting kicked out of hotels and being charged $10000 extra in fees it will be intresting to see what happens with CES 2011. In a sense it looks like its dying, with hotels overcharging companies and attendees something has got to give one would think. Personally it doesn't matter to me because at the end of the day it would be cheaper for me to fly and see them once a year in LA. Overall, meeting with companies went very well like thats anything new to report, OCC works very well with companies and I never have any issues when it comes to meeting with any of them. There is a lot of new stuff coming out in 2010 so it looks like some things are going back to normal in the industry. There is alot of NDA stuff coming out over the next year so that will be keeping us busy thats for sure. It was great to see old friends and make some new ones. I want to personally thank Jack who took on the roll as our video guy. The time and effort that he put in was unreal but I can tell you everyone appreciated it. Thank you again Jack. Until next year :)


There you have it folks, this year's final thoughts on the OCC staff’s trip to CES 2010. Below is a shot of the team that brought it to you, Tired but still happy…….


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