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CES 2010 Coverage

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Our visit to ATI was like walking into a multi-monitor paradise. There were several different “Eyefinity” setups, which included a three panel setup with 24-inch monitors being fed by an ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5870. This setup was able to play HAWX flawlessly, with no stuttering or lag. Next to this was a six panel setup that brings a new meaning to game immersion. What really took the cake though was the surround monitor setup running Dirt 2. Here we have bosco gloating over beating ccokeman’s score… barely.








Once we got past the “Eyefinity” setups we took a look at ATI’s 3D technology. There was both a tethered and non-tethered solution that used polarized lens.


During our time with ATI we discussed the upcoming releases, which we should be able to look at here pretty soon.

Diamond Multimedia:

Diamond had the 5xxx series ATI based video card line-up on hand, which included cards from the HD 5750 all the way up to the HD 5970. But video cards are not the only thing that Diamond Multimedia has for the consumer.



A couple things that caught our eye were the Sound Tube USB audio device and Mini Rockers mobile speakers. Since a good portion of the staff of OCC has netbooks that are lacking in the sound quality department, this looks like a way to alleviate the problem. The Mini Rocker speakers are a small portable speaker system that plug into the audio out port on your netbook, notebook or portable device such as an iPod. The Sound Tube is used to boost the output to the listening device, whether it is a pair of headphones or a set of external speakers such as the Mini Rocker speaker system. Look for reviews of both of these devices at OCC shortly. In the short time we had testing them in the Hotel, the Mini Rockers certainly lived up to their name!


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