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CES 2009 Coverage

Bosco    -   January 7, 2009
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Over at the ASUS booth, they have some impressive displays of motherboards and video cards. Some of the highlights were of course the NVIDIA GTX 295 and GTX 285 cards, as well as some cards designed with overclocking and monitoring features from the ASUS Republic of Gamers series. When it comes to motherboards, there are some real nice products coming out. For all of you who just picked up the new AMD Phenom II processor, or are thinking of getting one, ASUS has designed the new M4A79 Deluxe 790FX chipset board that incorporates an 8+2 Phase design, which allows for more stability and better overclocking. For you Intel lovers there is a nice selection for you as well with the P6T Deluxe/OC Palm Edition. This board is based on the X58 chipset and has a real-time overclocking controller for on-the-go overclocking without having to shut down and reboot. Another nice X58 board ASUS has on display is the Rampage II Extreme. This board supports Triple-SLI and also has an overclocking controller, but with a lot more control over your board than usually found, and the ability to constantly monitor it for stability. Lastly, ASUS has some portable computers on display, including the Eee PC T91 and the Bamboo Series PC, the latter of which has a case made from, you guessed it, bamboo.











  1. Introduction & Pre-CES
  2. CES 2009 Keynote
  3. CES Day 1 Part 1: Super Talent, Zotac, CoolIT
  4. CES Day 1 Part 2: PureSi, Crucial, Thermaltake
  5. CES Day 1 Part 3: Sapphire & Charity PC Build
  6. CES Day 2 Part 1: Razer, Corsair, and Creative
  7. CES Day 2 Part 2: ASUS
  8. CES Day 2 Part 3: Creative and Fatal1ty
  9. CES Day 2 Part 4: CyberPowerPC
  10. CES Day 3 Part 1: Mushkin, USB 3, Lian Li
  11. CES Day 3 Part 2: Intel & Toshiba
  12. CES Day 3 Part 3: IOGEAR, iRiver & LG
  13. CES Day 3 Part 4: FSP Group, Silverstone, Diamond
  14. CES Day 4 Part 1: Transcend, SanDisk, Evercool
  15. CES Day 4 Part 2: Nvidia
  16. CES Day 4 Part 3: Samsung
  17. CES Day 4 Part 4: Sony
  18. CES Day 4 Part 5: CoolerMaster
  19. CES Day 4 Part 6: AMD
  20. CES Day 4 Part 7: Booth Babes 1
  21. CES Day 4 Part 8: Booth Babes 2
  22. CES Day 4 Part 9: Booth Babes 3
  23. CES Day 4 Part 10: Booth Babes & Staff
  24. Conclusion: Final Thoughts
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