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CES 2009 Coverage

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As we get into Day 2 here at CES 2009 we will be taking a look at some of the big names in the industry to get a peek at new products coming your way, which are designed to allow you to push your system performance envelope. Some of the venues we will be highlighting for Day 2 will be the well known manufacturers such as Razer, Corsair, ASUS, Creative and more. So sit back and enjoy while the drooling begins.


Razer has been developing a new gaming mouse sure to get your attention. The new mouse, named the Razer Mamba offers gaming grade wireless technology that can be switched to a wired mouse instantly with no interruptions for seamless play. The Mamba also features the Razer Synapse onboard memory for profiles and macros, as well as the leading polling rate of 1ms. No longer are you bound by the wires of your system. The Mamba is also designed to take on the challenges of latency, battery life, weight and more, giving you the best peripheral to take to the table. The battery life is estimated to last 14 hours and will jump between frequency channels while in operation to ensure the best connection possible. The Razer Mamba will retail for $129 at its launch in April 2009.





OCC staff were invited to a Corsair party designed to show off some of the new technology they are developing, and all of you overclocking enthusiasts will love this stuff. Corsair showed off some additions to its Dominator line, including a new cooling fan for their DDR3 line designed to reduce the temperatures of your memory while pushing high overclocks. Another interesting cooling method they are using is designed for the new Dominator GT DDR3 memory. This new cooling solution is a hybrid water and TEC cooled system (the water aspect used to tame the heat that the TEC pumps out on its hot side). Corsair demonstrated this new cooling system on the Dominator GT memory running at 2000MHz with impressive timings of 7-8-7-20. All this while operating at a mere 1.65v. The modules demonstrated during the party were running at around 11°C, which is what makes this kind of performance possible. The TEC cooler also has a Humidistat that is designed to keep condensation from forming on the modules. This calculates the dew point and will back off the TEC cooling to avoid problems. For extreme overclocking the Humidistat can be turned off by the flick of a switch. With this kind of development work, it's no wonder Corsair holds world memory records.







Creative Labs:

Creative, which is well known for their sound components, had some interesting products on display at this year's CES show. They had several headsets on display, including the world's only noise-canceling headphones with Xtreme Fidelity built in. This should ensure the best sound for your gaming or multimedia. There was also a gaming headset that employs "Silencer" technology to cancel out more ambient noise during your all night frag fest. Of course, in addition to their headsets, Creative had an impressive display of computer speakers with Xtreme Fidelity sound that are sure to break a window or two. One product that really caught the eye was the Foxconn "Blood Rage" motherboard that was on display. Why a motherboard at a sound card manufacturer booth? Well the new board will feature the Sonar X-Fi audio card built on Creative's technology, so no aftermarket card should be needed here.






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