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CES 2008 Coverage

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On day 3 we paid a visit to Foxconn. Here what you expect from them in 2008.




The First thing we saw was the Foxconn X48 Black Ops Edition. It was displayed water cooled in a Coolermaster 830. We were treated to a system running a QX9650 at  a blistering 4150 Mhz.




The Black Ops X48 board has a unique cooling solution for the motherboards heat generating components. The northbridge can be air cooled, water cooled and for the really extreme benchmarking crowd, Foxconn includes a tube to mount to the northbridge heatsink so you can bench with dry ice. Sweet!!



Next up, we have an upcoming product that is an Ultra ATX platform board built around an unnamed chipset. It has the ability to run Crossfire X at 4 x 16x! The chipset is cooled by both water cooling and a low watt tec to help on the overclocking front. All of the serious heat generating components on the board are cooled via the water loop. The back side of the board features heatsinks as well. These provide two functions 1) additional cooling and 2) support for the motherboard pcb to eliminate any warpage that could compromise the efficiency of the water/tec cooling solution.




We were also able to see the whole AMD lineup of boards, as well as some of the Intel ones.




Foxconn had their video card lineup on display as well!


Looking into the future, Foxconn looks to take the lead in the motherboard market with such unique features on their motherboards.

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