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CES 2008 Coverage

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This year at SilverStone's booth, the coolest thing we saw was easily their prototype Sabertooth mouse:



Now, that goofy scroll wheel on the side has two main functions. In "normal mode" in Vista, you use it to switch between desktops. In gaming mode, it allows you to adjust your DPI on the fly. Now what's especially unique about the Sabertooth is that you can adjust the DPI for the X and Y axis independently!


So let's say that you're playing a FPS and you'd like to be able to spin around quickly to shoot the opponent you hear behind you, crank up the X-Axis DPI and leave the Y-Axis wherever you want it. This enables you to have lightning quick side to side turning ability and your vertical movement is totally normal. You can probably see the benefits from this ;)

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