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Cebit 2008 Coverage

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CeBit Coverage


Miscellaneous Video cards

Today I was only able to advance up to the Sapphire Gaming Zone, where only two different HD3870 cooling solutions were shown, but I’m sure I’ll find Sapphire's real booth in the coming days. One of the cards is passively cooled, whereas the other one is the TOXIC edition, featuring the Vapor-X cooler.







Gainward had a passive 8600GT on display, as well as a 9600GT with a massive aftermarket cooler.



Elitegroup (ECS) is also trying the video card market, equipped with some 8800GTs using Arctic Cooling cooling solutions. The 256MB version uses the Accelero L1 and the 512MB version uses the Accelero S2.


Albatron had some interesting things at its small booth, including three different 9600GTs. One was a reference design model, the second features double the memory (1GB instead of 512MB) and the third is a 512MB version using a different cooler. Another interesting find at the Albatron booth were the PCI video cards based on 8600GT and 8400GS chips.



Inno3D not only uses cooling solutions by Arctic Cooling as described before, but it also asked Zerotherm. On display was a 9600GT with the Zerotherm Hurricane cooler, making it a very large card. Also displayed was a P35 based motherboard.



Was it a long enough wait? You have all been waiting for it and here they are. The 9800GX2! Supposedly they are still under NDA, as the guy from Gigabyte told me, but three manufacturers are already displaying them.




At the Corsair booth, there were some serious systems in use. CrossFireX, or QuadFire can be seen in the first picture, but wouldn’t you think an X38 or X48 based board would be used for such high graphics power? No, Corsair used a Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 board for this! All of the systems had Corsair Dominator memory and were powered by Corsair HX power supplies. The last picture shows Triple SLI in action, although sadly there weren't any benchmarks running on there.



The absolute best thing at the Corsair booth, however, was the Golden Computer by Wielander. I kid you not, a computer where all metal parts had been exchanged for gold, pure gold. The case, the DVD drive cages, the Dominator heatspreaders, the fan grill on the CPU cooler, just about everything was golden in that computer!



And last, but not least, some sexy body paint.


Stay tuned for more coverage from CeBit 2008!

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