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Cebit 2008 Coverage

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CeBit Coverage


OCZ/PC Power and Cooling

PC Power & Cooling is known for its top notch power supplies, which were also on display here at the CeBit. The company had a new Silencer 500W model on display, as well as a TurboCool 860W model. OCZ, as the owner of PC Power & Cooling, also had power supplies on display, including the new EliteXStream 800W and 1000W models. The EliteXStream series will feature only one single massive +12V rail, which is a move contrary to the multi-rail madness that’s been ruling the power supply market as of late.






OCZ also had the new Vendetta 2 CPU cooler on display, which looks like a new revision of the Vendetta cooler. Besides that, the FreeZe thermal interface material (TIM) can be seen, which is OCZs attempt to give Arctic Silver a run for its money.


What surprised me most at the OCZ booth was the fact that it had a Solid State Drive (SSD) on display, which is going to be available in 32GB and 64GB sizes.



Patriot had some large capacity, durable USB drives in display, including the Xporter XT with up to 64GB in capacity. In the back and on the right, a waterproof version of the Xporter XT can be seen. Also in the back is Patriot’s take on a Solid State Drive (SSD), this one has 128GB of space.


Going on to RAM, Patriot had some fast DDR3 on display, a 2GB kit of PC3-15000 as well as a 4GB kit of PC3-10666. It also had the Viper Fin DDR2 on display, which was recently reviewed by OCC.



GeIL displayed a new series of gaming memory, which have a new type of heatspreader called the EvoONE. Although they are large, these heatspreaders do look promising. Luckily I saw those RAM sticks first at GeIL's booth, because when I walked around the corner, I thought GeIL was back in 2004. The company has a new type of DDR1 (!!!) memory on display, the Golden Dragon series. Judging by the fact that it is still bringing out new DDR1, there must still be a large market somewhere.



TeamGroup Inc. also had RAM on display, but this was not just ordinary RAM. These models were Xtreem, just like the name already suggests. The 2GB DDR3 kit was specified at DDR3-2133, but at 10-10-10-30 timings and at 2.1-2.2v. TeamGroup has also shown the fastest DDR2 kit I’ve seen, rated at DDR2-1300, with timings of 6-6-6-18 at 2.35-2.45v.



Power Supplies

With the focus being on Green Computing these days, Enermax launched its Modu82+ series of power supplies, ranging from 425W up to 625W models. One of the 525W models was powering a 16-core machine at its booth.



Seasonic had a range of M12 and S12 power supplies on display, including some models above 1000W.


Tagan was showing its 2-force and ITZ series of power supplies, both going from very low wattages up to very high power models.



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