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Cebit 2008 Coverage

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Cebit Coverage


Foxconn had a huge booth, focusing on motherboards, but also displaying video cards. To present its Quantum Force X48 board, the Blackops, Foxconn has invited a member of Team Italy to do a Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) overclocking session there. The farthest I saw their QX9650 go was 5.6GHz, but I’m sure they’ll try for more these days! The Quantum BIOS is hilarious though, have a look at the picture below.









The Quantum Force series of mainboards, started with the Foxconn MARS that we reviewed in February, not only got an X48 brethren, but also a 780a SLI (the Destroyer) and 790i SLI (the Dreadnaught) sibling.



Foxconn also had some video cards on display, including an overclocked 9600GT with an aftermarket cooler.



With everyone displaying X48, P45 and 790i SLI motherboards, MSI was definitely not going to miss out! It had the X48 Platinum and X48C Platinum in the showcase, the X48C featuring six RAM slots. MSI once again used its Circu-Pipe cooling systems on these motherboards. Furthermore it had the P45 Neo3, P7N SLI Platinum and P7N Diamond on display, as well as many other boards, but I focussed on the enthusiast side of things




I was secretly hoping that MSI would have its new low-cost subnotebook ready, but sadly, it is still working on it. The Asus Eee PC is supposed to get some competitors here at the CeBit, but I have not been able to spot any this afternoon. MSI still had a range of laptops on display, including the small PR-200 and PX-210 notebooks, aimed at multimedia users on the go.



Abit and More

While I was visiting the Abit booth, I was looking for an OCC Award sign, as Abit had featured it on its IP35-Pro box before, but sadly there were no awards at all. Instead, the company showed some nice motherboards, including a new P35 board, the IP35-Pro XE. It also showed its successor, the IP45-Pro, as well as its X48 board, the IX48-Max.



Asrock also had some new mainboards at its booth, including some with the new flagship chipsets from both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA. The X48TurboTwins-WiFi and K10N780SLIX3-WiFi will probably become decent, low-cost alternatives to higher-end motherboards. Asrock certainly got the big names to go with its motherboards!



Elitegroup (ECS) also showed X48, X38, P45 and P35 boards. The X38T-G8 has an interesting, reverse design, which I don’t know how that would fit in a conventional case.


Biostar also had a strong showing, including some boards aimed at a higher-end group of users. The company showed a high-end Intel system based on its P45D2-A7 board, as well as an AMD system based on its TA780G M2+ board, running Hybrid CrossFire.




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