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Cebit 2008 Coverage

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CeBit Coverage



The Zalman booth could be heard from halfway across the hall, the reason being the Zalman FPS-Gun Mouse. The company had set up a couple of computers rigged with this new mouse and everybody could try it out. Apart from the fact that the sensitivity was extremely low, this mouse rocks! It gives so much more realism to gaming when you’re actually pulling a trigger instead of whacking your mouse button.







Obviously Zalman was also showing off some coolers, some of which I had not seen before. The CNPS family of CPU coolers gets a new sibling with the CNPS9300, a slightly smaller version of the CNPS9500. For the new generation of GPUs, Zalman has the VF1050 available in three colors (grey, black and red). If that’s too big for you, the VF830 might be something to consider, which is about half the length of the VF1050.



Many of the Zalman cooling solutions are known to be very quiet, so it has adapted this idea to its power supplies as well, only taken one step further. Zalman was showing off passive power supplies all the way up to 1000W, which finally gives some competition to Fortron’s ZEN 400W passive power supply. The company had some pretty large heatsinks paired with heatpipe technology, as can be seen in the second picture below.




We had just had two of the newest Gigabyte motherboards on the review bench, but I definitely still wanted to stop by and see what it had on display. It was definitely worth the stop, as Gigabyte had some interesting new things on display. Let’s start off with the mainboards. Sorry for my rubbish picture taking capabilities, but the below picture shows the GA-X48T-DQ6, GA-X48-DQ6 and the GA-EX38-DS4 (on the left, top to bottom), and also a P45 (Eaglelake) based board (top right). I asked one of the guys whether the Dynamic Energy Saver function would be altered so that it would work when the system is overclocked, as both ccokeman and Makaveli had put as a slight Con in their respective reviews. He said that it wasn’t planned, but noted it down to pass on to the engineers.


Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it, but Gigabyte also had some motherboards on the wall which support ATI’s Hybrid CrossFire technology, allowing an on-board video chip to run in CrossFire mode with a PCI-Express video card that was added into the system. Gigabyte also is a reseller for video cards, of which it had a few on display as well, including a 9600GT cooled by a Zalman VF700-ALCU. It’s great to see that the newer video cards can be handled by such "small" coolers, compared to what Zalman had on display.


Gigabyte also had a nicely designed mATX case, featuring a type of piano finish black and white design. But apart from all these cool things, Gigabyte also displayed what I would call the “curiosity of the day,” being an extreme RAM cooler, called the Cool Rain. It looks like a beetle sitting on two RAM sticks, but it is actually a miniature independent watercooler for memory.



Gigabyte also wants to enter the gaming peripheral market, with the gaming keyboard that has extra buttons above the function keys. Also, it is launching a new gaming mouse.


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