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Cebit 2008 Coverage

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CeBit Coverage Day Four



The place GeCube had its booth this Friday was an empty area on Tuesday, go organization! Anyway, as GeCube is mainly producing ATI video cards, the display was focussed on the newer HD3xxx cards. It had an AGP HD3850 with an aftermarket cooler up there, which is dual slot, but will hopefully allow for some overclocking headroom.







Next up is an overclocked version of the HD3870X2 with a massive copper dual fan heatsink, which definitely looks like an improvement over the stock heatsink. The company had two of these in a rig setup as CrossFireX, running some impressive benchmarks.




I said the display was focused on video cards, but GeCube had two different types of laptops on display, one that could possibly be a competitor to the Asus Eee PC, or the OLPC laptop. It’s called the GeCube Genie PC and has the same 7” screen as the Asus Eee PC, however it was slightly larger, allowing me to actually write on it!



The company also had a larger laptop on display, however this was not meant to be a low-price notebook. It is more aimed at businessmen who need a small, but powerful subnotebook. A fellow CeBit visitor put his phone next to it for size comparison.


Noahpad Easy2Use Notebook/UMPC

Speaking of small laptops, the Asus Eee PC has another competitor! The Noahpad UMPC also comes with a Linux Distribution, but has a funky mouse / keyboard combination. If you take a look at the picture, you’ll see that there is not a keyboard in that sense, but there is also no mouse. This is where the Noahpad technology comes in, as the two parts of the keyboard are actually touchpads. They are the touchpads with which you operate your mouse, but they are also the mouse buttons (left click = left keypad, right click = right keypad) and keyboard. The keyboard activates when you open a supported application (Open Office, Firefox, Opera, etc.), but I found it really hard to write with this technology. This had nothing to do with the size of my hands or the size of the keys, but more with the fact that the keys I pressed were not always displayed on the screen. The guys and girls who will get along with this technology will only have to carry 0.78kg (1.7 pounds) and can use a whole 30GB of space. The screen also folds all the way around the laptop. The anticipated price is 310-360€.



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