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Cebit 2008 Coverage

kingdingeling    -   March 4, 2008
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CeBit Coverage Day Four



I had to search for the Intel booth, as it wasn’t a booth, but rather a whole pavilion. I wasn’t expecting CeBit to use this area of the fairgrounds, but after asking at the information desk, I found it. Outside the door, we are greeted by a BMW Z4 M Coupé in white with the Intel sign on it, which I sure wouldn’t mind in my garage.







Inside the pavilion there was a whole lot to see. It starts off with an exhibit of 45nm quad core processors, which did not have any Integrated Heatspreaders (IHS) on them, revealing the cores beneath.


Next up is the Intel Silverthorne micro-processor, which is about the size of an adult’s thumbnail. That is really quite amazing, considering the performance levels this chip is supposed to deliver.


Further in the back of Intel’s exhibition, there were five BMW Formula 1 race car models, each equipped with a high-end gaming PC. If you had enough time to wait, you could race each other in a game of Need For Speed.


Next up are a couple of motherboards Intel showed. These motherboards were almost exclusively based on the P45 or X48 chipsets, but were not made by Intel, but from other manufacturers such as Gigabyte or Foxconn. Included in this exhibit was the Foxconn Transformer F1, a board that is larger than standard ATX, but includes four PCI-Express 16x slots with lots of space in between.



Also in Intel’s pavilion were some Panasonic Toughbooks. Intel’s slogan for this CeBit was “It starts with the chip,” pun intended. The last picture says “The chip for energy efficiency,” advertising Intel’s die shrink to 45nm.



Leaving the Intel pavilion, we were greeted by a Hummer H2 advertising Windows Vista and Intel Centrino Duo processors.



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