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Cebit 2008 Coverage

kingdingeling    -   March 4, 2008
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CeBit Coverage Day Three


CoolIT Systems

CoolIT had two systems on display, both using its TEC cooling solutions all around. One system used a 780i SLI board, a QX9650 CPU and dual 8800Ultras, all cooled by CoolIT products. The other system was an Intel Skulltrail platform, using dual QX9775s and dual HD3870X2s in CrossFireX. Even those were cooled by TEC technology.









Random Floor Pictures

World’s largest television and Samsung’s 31” OLED display



Custom painted tablet PC:






Hannover Fairgrounds:



And just for all the stereotype lovers…


And last but not least we have some more booth babes.





Stay tuned for more coverage from our roving reporter at CeBit!!

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