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Cavalry Pelican 2.5 in 32GB Solid State Drive Review

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The Cavalry Pelican 32GB SSD performed well in comparison to the rest of the hard drives tested. While the drive does not have the burst speed of the standard drives, the average read is a bit higher than that of all the drives, save the Intel SSD. In the Sandra testing, the Cavalry Pelican out shined the rest of the drives save the Intel SSD, again. The access times of less than 1ms help the drive to overcome its slower burst rate. As a system drive, the 32GB size is a little small for use as a single drive. But put two of them together in a RAID 0 array and you are a little bit closer to being in the ballpark. For use in a business application where the amount of items that can be installed is strictly regulated by the IT department, this size should work out just fine. Considering my work computer contains a 40GB HDD and it is far from full, it should work out just fine. When testing with the USB connection, the USB port provided enough power for the drive. This means you could used this as a portable hard drive in an enclosure, albeit an expensive flash drive. The Cavalry Pelican 32GB SSD is a viable option if you are looking to increase the battery life of your laptop.  It also performs at a level close to that (sometimes better) of a standard hard drive with access times that are blazing quick. As the pricing for solid state drives continues to fall, as well as the technology allows for increasing sizes, look for more people to embrace this technology.



  • No noise
  • Low power
  • Portability
  • Multiple platform use
  • Quick access times



  • Small for an OS drive
  • Price per GB


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  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing: Setup
  4. Testing: HD Tune, Sandra 2009
  5. Conclusion
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