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Cavalry Storage CAND3001T0 1TB Network Drive Review

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The CAND3001T0 offers several different server functions. Out of the box, the unit acts as a file server, a DHCP server, a print server, and a Bonjour/iTunes server. If you went through the install process outlined back in the Install Software section, then you should also see a Torrentflux and Media Server listed in the Server section of the page.


File Server
The CAND3001T0 can offer more server functions beyond that of serving up files across the local network. It can also operate as an FTP server for making files available over the Internet and act as an NFS server for Linux-based systems.

Windows Setting -The Windows file server is enabled by default. The unit comes preconfigured with a workgroup name of "WORKGROUP" that you can change to match you local workgroup if needed. You can also specify the IP address of the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server. You can leave this blank unless you are on a corporate network that provides a WINS server.

FTP Server Setting - The FTP server functionality is enabled by default and set up to run over the standard FTP port 21. You can configure this to run on any port, but you will need to configure your router to forward incoming FTP requests on the port specified to the CAND3001T0. You can also set it up to use a secure connection using FTP over TLS.

NFS Server Setting – This option is also enabled by default and allows the server to serve files using the Network File System used by the Linux operating system. The NFS path to the server can be determined using the path to the share preceded by the IP address, e.g.

Guest Access Setting – The Guest access feature is disabled by default. Enabling this option allows users logging in with no user name to automatically be granted guest access. You can also assign a storage quota for guest access here.

DHCP Server
You can set up the CAND3001T0 to act as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server if you don't already have one on your network. Generally this won't be the case so this option is turned off by default. In order to use this function, you will need to fill in all the address information and click the Save button and then restart the unit to start the DHCP server.

Print Server
The NAS can act as a print server to allow users on the network to access a single printer and is enabled by default. The printer must be a USB printer and all you need to do is to connect the printer to the USB port on the rear of the CAND3001T0 and turn it on. Once you click on the Print Server tab, the unit should detect the printer. You will need to install the correct printer driver on each client computer needing to access the printer.

The CAND3001T0 supports the Apple Bonjour service discovery protocol and comes enabled by default. This allows the device to automatically show up on your Apple system in the Bonjour bookmarks section. Additionally the NAS device can act as an iTunes music server by checking the iTunes Enable checkbox. Any computer running iTunes on the network will be able find and play the music. By default, the iTunes folder is located in /public/music.




The NAS unit can function as a bit torrent server using the TorrentFlux open source GUI for the BitTornado client. TorrentFlux is a web-based system developed for Linux. It is written in PHP running on an Apache web server and a MySQL database. All this was installed and setup during the software installation process. The installed version is TorrentFlux 2.3. Once installed, this service is enabled by default and the downloads are stored in the /public/tf/downloads folder. You can access the GUI by clicking on the Link to TorrentFlux button, or from anywhere on your network by pointing your browser to http://xxx.xxx.x.xx:8080/bt/login.php, where "xxx.xxx.x.xx" is the IP address of the NAS server.

At this point, users without any experience with TorrentFlux will be totally lost as there is absolutely no documentation included in the user guide on how to use this product. Nowhere does it even tell you what login credentials to use. Having a little experience with MySQL I was able to figure out you can log in using mysql/123456 as the username/password. Using a torrent metadata file for a Fedora Core 10 install image, I was able to get the torrent to start the download process after a bit of experimenting, including figuring out which ports to forward on the router. The configuration settings for the software can be found by clicking on the Admin tab at the top right and then choosing Settings. You will need to play around with getting things set up as well as looking at setting up a new user for running your downloads.




Media Server
The CAND3001T0 can also serve as a UPnP media server if you installed the software and is enabled by default. The software is a version of Syabas NAS Media Server. The install process creates a /media folder on the public share of the NAS. Within that folder are /Audio, /Photo and /Video subfolders. By default, music is expected to be placed in the /Audio folder. If you don't want to duplicate music folders between iTunes and Syabas you will need to change the default location in the settings. However, I could not get the software to point anywhere other than the default /media folder, nor could I get it to save any setting changes.

Just as with the TorrentFlux software, there is no documentation provided on how to use the service. Fortunately, the interface is fairly straightforward. You can access the GUI by clicking on the Link to Syabas button, or from anywhere on your network by pointing your browser to http://xxx.xxx.x.xx:8088, where "xxx.xxx.x.xx" is the IP address of the NAS server. This launches the Syabas web interface from which you can access your video, music and photo files. There is also an Internet option, but I could not determine its purpose. Here again, some documentation would have been helpful.

Clicking on the Music button brings up the songs in the library and it will also display the music by album, artist or genre based on the tag information. You can play individual songs or albums, but I didn't see any way to create a playlist. My small sample of music included songs in both MP3 and WMA formats and both played without problems. Photos are displayed as thumbnails and you can enlarge each photo or choose to display the photos as a slide show.





Now it's time to move on to the built-in back up features.

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