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Cavalry Storage CAND3001T0 1TB Network Drive Review

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The System section allows you to perform certain system maintenance functions, including changing the LAN and time settings specified during the initial setup process, saving and restoring configuration settings, and upgrading the firmware. Additional options allow you to install BitTorrent and media server client software, setup limited e-mail notifications, and reboot or shutdown the server.

This page displays basic information on the server, including the server name and IP address, along with the current firmware version and the IP address of the machine used to connect to the web UI (client IP).

LAN Settings
The LAN Settings page displays all the IP address information we entered during the initial setup process. You can make changes to those settings here without having to rerun the setup utility. If you change the IP address, the web UI will close when you hit the save button and ask you to login again using the new address.

Time Settings
The page allows you to adjust the time on the server along with the time zone, just as we did during the initial setup process. In addition, this page allows you to specify a network time protocol (NTP) server to automatically synchronize the time on the unit to a server over the Internet to keep it as accurate as possible. The CAND3001T0 gives you the option of choosing one of two pre-defined servers or you can key in one of your own choosing. There is no option to set a daylight savings time option, so you may need to reset the time if the NTP server does not automatically handle this.

Save Configuration
You can backup your configuration setting by saving them to a file on your computer or other location by clicking the save button and specifying a location.

Restore Configuration
You can revert back to a previous set of configuration settings from a saved file by specifying the file location. Once the restore is complete the web UI will close and you will need to log in again.

Firmware Upgrade
You can download a firmware upgrade from the Cavalry website and specify the location of the file here. Once you press the Upgrade button it may take several minutes and you should make sure nothing happens to interrupt this process or you may render the server unusable.





Install Software
"In this section, you prefer to install the software which in the disc attaches" (sic). I had no idea what that meant either so I had to break down and read the manual. The CAND3001T0 does not come with BitTorrent or media server software pre-installed, but it does ship with software on the installation CD. By installing the software in this section, the unit can then act as a BitTorrent server and a media server. The installable software packages can be found in the NAS Software folder on the CD, which you can locate using the Browse button. There you'll find two folders, "Bit torrent flux" and "Sybas DLNA software", that contain the install packages. The BitTorrent client software is named "torrentflux-1.11.bz2", which is a compressed file that the install program can use directly. The media server software package is named "syabas-1.11.bz2".




Once the location of the install package has been set, you begin the process by hitting the Install button. After you assure the system that it's OK to install the software, it will begin loading the file from the CD, unpack it, and install it to the CAND3001T0. After the install process is completed, the unit will automatically reboot. After the reboot, you can log back into the web UI and go to the Server tab and confirm the new servers appear on the list. We'll check them out once we get to the Server page coming up in a bit.





Since the BitTorrent and Media servers application are not native applications, the CAND3001T0 offers you the option of uninstalling the software as well. On the Install Software page, clicking the Uninstall button brings up the Installed List page where you can choose which application to remove. Clicking the Uninstall button causes the software to be removed immediately with no warning.


Once you have finished the install process, you will notice three new subfolders have been created on the CAND3001T0 under the Public folder: /media and /music as part of the Syabas media server install and /tf for the Torrent Flux server.

Email Notification
The CAND3001T0 has very basic e-mail notification capabilities and is limited to sending out disk usage reports. You can also specify the time interval as either hourly or daily. It has no ability to notify you of any critical conditions such as drive failure or high-temperature conditions. Once you have everything set up you can click the Send Test Email button to test it out. The system will notify you that the test email was sent, but is doesn't provide any verification of whether the test was successful. Also, if you are using a SMTP service that requires you to provide login credentials, there is no provision to provide the user name or password. All in all I would say this feature is next to worthless unless you have a local SMTP server installed or can use an anonymous open relay SMTP server.

Turn Off Server
This section allows you to either reboot the server by clicking on the "Restart" button or shut the server down using the "Turn off" button.



The next step in the configuration process is to create user accounts and groups and assign permissions to the various folders on the CAND3001T0.

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