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Cavalry Storage CAND3001T0 1TB Network Drive Review

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In the file system tests we see that there is an overall performance penalty for using the EXT3 file system over EXT2. This can be attributed to the journaling duties performed on an EXT3 file system prior to the data being written to the disk, with the penalty ranging from 11-15% except in the case of the individual (standard) drive test. Performance was fairly consistent across all drive configurations when using the EXT2 file system, but the CAND3001T0 lagged the DNS-323 in all scenarios with the D-Link unit beating out Cavalry's offering by 32-44.5%. Overall, the D-Link DNS-323 is the clear winner in all four drive configurations. In terms of access times, the DNS-323's times were 2-3 times faster than those of the CAND3001T0. Because we were testing using the Western Digital Green drives that came with the Cavalry unit versus the Seagate ES.2 drives used in testing the D-Link, the comparisons may be a bit skewed for two reasons. First is the fact that the WD drives have 16MB cache as opposed to the 32MB cache found on the Seagate drives. The second issue is that the CAND3001T0 came equipped with WD Green drives which are designed to save power. WD is rather coy in that it doesn't disclose the exact rotational speeds of it Green series drives, only that they spin at something less than 7,200RPM, which could be a partial factor in the higher access times; but this can't account for all the larg diifferences we saw.

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