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Battlefield 2142 (PC)



Battlefield 2142 is a darn good game, especially if you like this genre. Fast, well-balanced, with hours of enjoyment. Technical support can be frustrating for some, but the majority will not have problems. Fairly regular patches address issues and exploits. The persistent online ranking and unlocks keep you coming back for more. Larger and more maps definitely need to be added, although what is there will last you a while. If you do not have broadband internet with fairly low latency, this game isn't probably for you. Graphics are behind the times, but considering the scale (up to 64 players), it's a bonus if you have the hardware to run it full out, but not necessary for full enjoyment.

I originally ran this game on an AMD Athlon 2200+ with a Radeon 9600 Pro graphics card and 1 GB of RAM, but have since upgraded. I haven't really noticed any difference in playing the game, although I am sure there must be. This game runs well on older systems, WHEN the settings are set to low. This is the type of game that if you have the hardware to have maximum settings, you will notice the pretty lights and shading. If you have to run on lower settings, you won't really notice a lack, as the gameplay and the fun-factor will keep you coming back.

This game really excels at the gameplay and tactical level. Good Commanders do make a difference... as well as good squad level tactics and the game promotes these aspects inherently. Although the game is over a year old, it still has value and judging by the number of people still playing the older versions of Battlefield, will continue to do so.


  • Balanced gameplay
  • Fast paced action, without being a 'twitchfest'
  • Large multiplayer fan base to play with
  • Tactical play is encouraged and rewarded
  • Still very enjoyable on lower graphics settings


  • 2 year old graphics engine; but still nice
  • Requires a newer hefty graphics card to get the full experience
  • Some have issues installing
  • Like any multiplayer online game, lag can be an issue

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  2. Closer Look (Cont.) & Specifications
  3. Conclusion
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