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be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Review

ccokeman    -   July 4, 2013
Category: CPU Cooling
Price: $55
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be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Introduction:

After having seen just what be quiet! is capable of delivering with its top of the line enthusiast level dual tower, seven heat pipe wonder the Dark Rock Pro 2, it should prove interesting to see what it brings to the table with its low profile Shadow Rock TOPFLOW. As a low profile (relatively) heat sink featuring a C-shape quad heat pipe design cooled by a large 135mm SilentWings fan, you can install the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW in a more diverse range of chassis. Be quiet! is not just pushing out some wimpy lightweight cooler, but one that uses 8mm heat pipes and a large aluminum fin array allowing it to handle up to a 160W load from all the latest CPUs from AMD and Intel.

Priced around $55, the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is not going to break the bank, comparing favorably price-wise against Noctua's NH-C14. The question is how will it perform against one of the heat sinks that sets the bar in this form factor? Let's see if be quiet! can earn your hard won cash!

be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Closer Look:

The front of the packaging for the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 is all black, as is the rest of the box. The front has an image of the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 with the name of the cooler and its thermal rating of 160W displayed. The back side of the package features a technical drawing of the TOPFLOW SR1 that highlights the features set along with the specifications tables. Having as much information as possible helps the end user make an informed buying decision before walking out of the store. If you have seen the crowds at your local MicroCenter or Fry's you know what I mean. Internally the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 is housed between a pair of soft, open cell foam blocks with the accessory bundle in a box on top of the foam cores.










The contents inside the package include the heat sink with SiletWings fan pre-mounted and all of the accessory hardware needed to install the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 on a CPU in any of the latest sockets from AMD: 754 / 939 / 940 / AM2(+) / AM3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 or Intel: LGA 775 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011. The mounting brackets may be used for several generations of processors but you get what is needed. A tube of Dow Coming TC 5121 / 2 thermal compound is included and is the thermal paste used for this review. Add in the multi-language instruction manual and you end up with a well rounded package.



Be quiet! provides all you need to get the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW installed and ready to deliver cool temperatures on your CPU.

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