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Belkin N1 Wireless Router, Desktop, Notebook, and USB Cards

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To quote my parents again, “This is going to hurt me, more than it hurts you.”  Belkin, claiming to be a leader in this area, should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  To continue to ship not just one product, but an entire product line, with installation instructions telling people to use software that their own Tech Support people say does not work, is just wrong.  

While the products appear to be well built, there are some pretty significant issues.  The antenna for the Desktop card will not stay attached, no matter what I did to it.  The USB card, while appearing to be quite solid, is also very large and bulky.  If used without the stand, you better make sure that nothing catches on it, as it sticks well out from the computer (farther than any other peripheral I have used before).  The cable attached to the stand is about six feet long, allowing it to be placed on a desk, but the design of it does not strike me as being the most space-efficient.  As my desk tends to be quite cluttered at the best of times, I need space saving devices as often as possible.  I had no issues with the build of the notebook card.

As stated, I can not comment on the security aspect of these products, as it is part of their included software that does not work.  I can not really comment on the speed of these products, as the connections were so intermittent that I could not do a proper test.  And, as I hope I made clear earlier on, installation of these products was an absolute nightmare.  If you are a computer and small network expert, have fun.  If you like to press the “on” button and have everything work perfectly, this is certainly not the product for you.

I was always taught to say nice things about people, or say nothing at all.  So, I did manage to find some positives with these products.  First of all, the packaging and product appearance is quite professional looking (I especially liked the fancy blue lights on the router).  Second, Belkin’s tech support is good.

In conclusion, unless Belkin issues a public apology to the computer world for the fiasco with this software, the only way I can recommend that anyone buys these products, is if they really like to look at pretty objects, or if they are lonely and just want to talk to someone.  Belkin Tech Support will be awaiting your call.



  • Good Tech Support
  • Professional looking product and packaging
  • Nice blue lights



  • Non-functioning software
  • Installation requires Tech Support call
  • Desktop card antenna will not stay connected, has too short of a cable
  • Security will not work properly without using the software, which does not work
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  2. Installation
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  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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