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be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Review

mrwooshoo    -   June 5, 2014
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be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Testing

The be quiet! Wings 2 will be tested on a Noctua NH-U14S tower cooler. The tower cooler will be mounted according to the recommended installation method given in the included manual. To elaborate, the Noctua cooler will be mounted vertically near the back of the computer case with a fan between the back wall and the radiator. The fan being tested will be pulling air from outside of the case and pushing it through the radiator. The load tests will be run in two hour intervals with a one hour break in between each load test. Idle tests will be each run 45 minutes and have 15 minute breaks in between. All system hardware will remain the same during each of the tests and the ambient temperature will be kept as close to 23 degrees Celsius as possible for all tests to be fair. The fans will all be tested at all of their speed settings.




  • Noctua NF-A15 PWM
  • Phantek PH-F140 SP












Even though the be quiet! fans are listed at a lower CFM than I am used to, they performed well. They fared better than I had anticipated by a decent margin. Somehow, even the Silent running at a mere 5v kept my temperatures @ 4.4GHz under the thermal limits. To be clear, I would not let my computer run at this temperature for an extended period of time, but none the less, it is technically at a safe value. The idle temperatures were great overall with, again, the 5v being a considerable distance above the others. Even though there are fans that can cool better, there are not any who are as quiet, and these fans performed more than well enough to keep my computer below my personal standards (except with the adapters, but that is a personal preference).

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