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Battlefield Vietnam Game Review


As mentioned before, Battlefield Vietnam has it's own soundtrack. I ripped about 30 secs of music from many of the songs to give you a taste of what Battlefield Vietnam offers. Click on the track number, artist, or title to hear about 30 seconds worth of (mp3) music.

# Artist / Group Track
01 Edwin Starr War
02 The Trashmen Surfin Bird
03 The Triggs Wild Thing
04 Deep Purple Hush
05 Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love
06 Canned Heat On The Road Again
07 Bobby Fuller Four I Fought The Law
08 The Guess Who Shakin' All Over
09 Rare Earth Get Ready
10 The Box Tops The Letter
11 Martha Reeves And The Vandellas Nowhere To Run

Whether you've played the old Battlefield 1942 or not, you'll probably enjoy Battlefield Vietnam. It's not the big shock and awe campaign of the original, but it does have its perks. The in game music is cool, but most people wont live long enough to listen to a whole song all the way through.

IMO the best part of this game is still to come. The mods. We've seen several incredible mods for BF1942, and with the updated engine from BFV I can only imagine what people like those behind DC, EoD, and GQ could do.

Gamers Review
You’ve seen what I’ve thought about the game. But what do others have to say about it? To get some other feedback on the game, we asked our forum members what they thought about BFV before posting our review. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

clay31 "..I do however have one gripe, the single player game. I do know that the game was and probably always will be intended mostly for online play with other gamers like my self but a little more work could have been put into the single player game, mainly the AI..."
r_target "...I like all the new weapons, however everyone is aware of the balance issue with the U.S. heavy assault class ("Animal Mother")-M60 machine gun is as accurate as a sniper rifle while prone or kneeling, and as accurate as an assault rifle while standing/running.In addition this class gets a LAW missle launcher..."
AYoKoNA "Well my first impressions of this game were amazing. It is way more graphic intense and action packed than its predecessor. The weapons are far more superior, and sounds of gunshots whizzing by are intimidating..."
Dignan "...After all this I still think of it as a fun game, but not revolutionary, nor something the was worth my pre-ordering"
xtry51 "The game is fun and I love the foliage especially with jungle maps. It got a little old in the past when you were playing in a jungle and had to run around ducking behind the sparse bushes and tree trunks."

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