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AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard Review

BluePanda    -   March 28, 2013
Category: Input Devices
Price: $28.99
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AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard Introduction:

So I've finally reached the bottom of the box of AZiO goodies today, ending the spree of fun with perhaps my favorite find in the bunch: the AZiO KB505U – Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Keyboard. It isn't an item you are used to finding here for an OCC review, but it is defiantly something different. Chuckling at the oversized print on the keys and the simple blue and red LEDs used to make purple, I was actually pretty excited to use this item. Despite its novelty gift category I place it in, I can see it having quite the practical form in two situations: 1) For my mom/dad who both see poorly and have failed to learn to touch type, and 2) teaching a toddler to type. The latter option keeps their grimy fingers off your keys as well. Coming in at just under the $30 mark, this keyboard has lots of potential for many different reasons, joke or not.


AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard Closer Look:

The keyboard sitting in the bottom of the box as the last AZiO product on my bench to get it's 20 seconds of fame looking rather comical. At first I thought it was perhaps a cruel joke from my boss following up with his failed attempts at sending me case screws to review. Well, it wasn't a joke, and quite simply the product is no joke either. The box shows off the keyboard's main feature, "LARGE PRINT", in the upper left corner of the box. Alright, so it's not the main feature, but it is a big deal (no pun intended there). The back of the box rattles off the features as well as shows off the illumination of the blue, purple, and red backlighting options.









Opening the box is pretty easy as it just opens like a pizza box with a couple extra tucked notches. The keyboard is wrapped in plastic for protection and to keep it free of debris and scratches. I'll be nice and share a little sneak peak before the next page; the keyboard is somewhat impressive in appearance. Despite the low cost, it already seems to be a step above my mediocre Dell 1RW52 keyboard I have work, for which I'm sure they paid well over $30. It comes with a quick user guide. With that, I believe we're ready to go!


  1. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Closer Look
  3. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  4. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Testing & Results
  5. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Conclusion
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