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OCC ATX Power Supply Testing Methodology



I will as my reviews are completed, include some further information so the reader can compare like power supplies. How I do this, is as yet to be decided.

This then will be the basis of my testing and as previously mentioned, the rest of the review will follow the existing OCC format. I have in mind improvements for the testing methodology, which I hope to implement over the coming months. My first few reviews will include photographs of an oscilloscope screen to illustrate the ripple/noise on the DC lines, but I am hopeful that the aquisition of the DSO-2090 USB oscilloscope will enable me to give you better quality screenshots, as my laptop will be my new oscilloscope. The variac is next on my list, in order to test the power supplies for our American brothers (and sisters). I hope you appreciate that to test a 1000W power supply at 117VAC, will require at least a 10A variac, which is quite a monster, so please be patient on this one until I find a bargain.

I hope my reviews prove both informative and useful.


  1. Introduction
  2. Testing
  3. Testing (Continued)
  4. Conclusions:
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