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Atrix 500T Extreme 650W Review

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Closer Look:

My initial impressions of the power supply are of a tidy, well built unit. The unit came with a glossy black paint finish, large 120mm cooling fan with chrome guard, front hexagonal holed exhaust grille, mains on/off switch and IEC mains input socket. I should point out the addition of a 230VAC sticker under the IEC mains input socket. Whether this is indicating it to be 230VAC only or a maximum voltage, it contradicts the claim on the outer packing of a 95 to 250VAC mains input range.









The power supply has a good selection of connectors, all with sleeved cabling, which I will mention again later.


Internal Layout showing:
A: Bridge rectifier & input filter capacitors.
B: Off-board case mounted transformer.
C: Heat sinks.
D: Output transformers.
E: Mains input filter board.
F: Cooling fan header.
G: Output filter capacitors (hidden) and DC output cables.
H: Mains on/off switch.


The fan is a 12V 2.5W DC Brushless type, manufactured by Young Lin (Model 2512M). This large 120mm seven bladed fan appears capable of moving large amounts of air into the power supply, over the heat sinks and out through the large hexagonal holed grille.


While I was inside the unit, I was curious to see what brand electrolytic capacitors are used, but they are unknown to me (SC or CS manufacturers mark) and a quick look on the internet proved fruitless.


This picture shows the DC cables leaving the board. I have included this picture in order to illustrate what I consider misleading information given by the manufacturer (and others). The box clearly states “Separate 12V rail supply to main board and drives”, but as you can see, all the 12V (yellow) cables come from the same point and therefore the same rail. I have had a look on the underside of the board to verify this. Some of you may say I am being a bit picky but I think it is a perfectly valid point to make. The small white connector is the fan header.

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