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ATP ToughDrive Review

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To be honest, I am having trouble coming up with how to conclude this article. This is a very standard USB drive, without many special features that would make me recommend it over any other drive to one of my friends. The one added feature that makes this drive appealing is that it is intended to take some abuse. The SIP (System in Packaging) design makes the ATP ToughDrive waterproof, shock proof, and dust proof; pretty hefty claims in this day and age, but the testing backed that up. The clip used to attach the ToughDrive to your belt loop, back pack, or key ring appears fairly stout, and should make this drive a little easier to keep around. I know that I have lost more than my fair share of drives due to poor clips or attachment methods. Almost everyone that has used a computer has a flash drive, and for most uses, is happy with the one they have now. The only reason's I can see why someone would want to get this drive is if they need a new one and it is the best deal, if they enjoy the camouflaged look, or if they are concerned they will be putting the new drive in dangerous situations. The ToughDrive doesn't provide blazing transfer rates and has a cap that can easily be lost, both of which are somewhat disappointing, but not of the greatest concern to most users. All in all, this is not just an ordinary flash drive, but is just as useful as almost any other drive on the market, and has the added benefit of some extra durability to keep it from getting destroyed.



  • Camouflage design
  • Rigid feel
  • Impact resistance
  • Water Proof



  • Unsecured cap
  • Slower Speeds compared to other drives
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