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ATP ToughDrive Review

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To test the ToughDrive, I will use a program called FlashMemoryToolkit to run several tests on the drive and record the results. As the name implies, this software is specifically designed to test flash memory, which is exactly what the ToughDrive is. All of the tests I am going to perform here are available in the free version of FlashMemoryToolkit, so if you currently have your own drive and want to see how the ToughDrive stacks up, you have that option. Finally, since the name of this flash drive does have "Tough" in it, I will submerse it in water and toss it around a bit.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Drives:


Read Speed - Low Level Benchmark:

The first test is the low level read test. This will give us a speed in megabytes per second, and an X factor. The result of this was that the average read rate was 21.5MB/s and the X factor was 146X.








Read and Write - File Benchmark:








Durability Testing:

To test the toughness of the ToughDrive, I submerged it in a cup of water for almost an hour, and threw it against my floor several times.

After each test, I plugged the ToughDrive into my MacBook Pro and it started right up with no problems. This left me pretty impressed, since it was under water for such a long amount of time, and I had quite a bit of fun throwing it around.


Even though it didn't post the best results, for a flash drive, these are pretty good numbers - especially when the manufacturer is marketing it more as a durable drive, as opposed to a blazing fast one. Additionally, write times are very fast, which is nice if you only have to hand off files to other people.

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