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PowerColor X800 Pro Video Card Review


Benchmark: Far Cry

Far Cry features immersive outdoor environments and challenging AI, set in a tropical environment which looks like sheer paradise. Only later you find out that it's not a paradise after all. The game has been known by many to bring even the most powerful system to a crawl, especially with everything maxed out and with AA/AF on. We ran Far Cry in 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200 resolutions while having Anti-Aliasing & Anisotropic filtering both on & off. Each graph below represents one of the three resolutions that we tested the game in. Also note the "AA" beside the names of the cards. This represents that Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filter was turned on for the test. We set Anti-Aliasing to 4x and Anisotropic Filtering to 8x during these tests.

I started playing Farcry in 1600x1200 and it was very playable if the scene was indoors (70 or so FPS average). However, once I stepped outside the frame rates dropped to 35 FPS. It did not seem all that laggy, due to the fact that the frame rate was not jumping around. The frame rate was consistent at 30-40 FPS, but still unplayable in my opinion. I had hoped that the X800 Pro would allow for a playable experience in 1600x1200 but this was not the case. I turned "OVERDRIVE" on which automatically clocked the card from 472MHz to 506MHz to see if that would make the game playable at 1600x1200. The mild overclocking only brought the frame rate up by 5-10 FPS, which still wasn't enough to satisfy me to play at this resolution. I guess its back to 1280x1024 or do some "real" overclocking on the card :)


  1. Introduction & What's Included
  2. In-Depth Look
  3. Test Suite & Setup
  4. Benchmark: 3DC
  5. Benchmark: Far Cry
  6. Benchmark: X2
  7. Benchmark: Battlefield Vietnam
  8. Benchmark: Gunmetal
  9. Benchmark: Splinter Cell
  10. Benchmark: 3DMark03
  11. Image Quality & Temperature Test
  12. Overclocking & Conclusion
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