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Aten CS1782 DVI KVMP Switch Review

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Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this Aten CS1782 KVM switch. The Wife was very annoyed by the WoW keyboard problem, but as mentioned, it went away the instant I plugged in a USB keyboard, which made her happy and negated that annoyance. I would figure most gamers that are willing to drop the cash for something like this, would already be beyond the older PS/2 keyboards and into something like the Logitech G15. Speaking of price, Aten’s MSRP is $279.95, but I’ve used my Google and shopping skills and have found it around the net from $172.87 to $237.83. This is definitely a bit pricey for a KVM, especially considering most KVM’s that users would buy (other than enterprise/corporate clients) cost around $50.00 to $100.00. My own KVM’s have never nailed me for more than $55, but then again, my KVM’s won’t do DVI natively (and LCD’s look ghosted or strange through a KVM with a DVI adapter), most don’t have USB functions, and not a single KVM I’ve ever seen before has had the ability to 7.1 audio.

Combine that with the ability to independently switch monitor, USB, and/or 7.1 audio between two computers, and you can see that the Aten CS1782 is definitely worth the price. While such a device isn’t for everyone, it will definitely appeal to the enthusiast.



  • Independent switching between USB, audio, and KVM
  • Small size and therefore very little real-estate needed
  • Solid unit housing, buttons, and connections
  • Excellent user manual/instructions
  • No degradation of audio quality, DVI signal, or USB lag
  • Quality cable materials and lengths
  • USB port in front can accept USB hub expansion for more USB!
  • Definitely geared towards gamers and enthusiasts
  • Firmware can be upgraded



  • A bit pricey for “ordinary” users
  • Upgrading firmware requires COM/serial port
  • Some issues with PS/2 keyboard in games
  • Requires specific DVI adapter (DVI-D) which isn’t included


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