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Asus Crosshair Motherboard Review


That pretty much concludes our base benchmarks as it is a new motherboard with different marchitecture as well as a different chipset. Which brings us to the last phase of testing: game benchmarks. To kick off the start of them, we have Quake 4.


Next on the agenda is Far Cry. Though it uses a fairly dated engine, it is still a valid benchmark as it uses complex shaders as well as lighting techniques.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Closer Look Continued
  4. Specifications & Installation
  5. Testing (Setup, Apophysis & Science Mark)
  6. Testing Continued (Cinebench, Specview & HDTach)
  7. Testing Continued (SiSoft Sandra)
  8. Testing Continued (PCMark05)
  9. Testing Continued (Quake 4 & Far Cry)
  10. Testing Continued (F.E.A.R & Doom 3)
  11. Testing Continued (Call of Duty 2, NFS:MW)
  12. Testing Continued & Conclusion
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